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Planning and Organization
The Corporate Party

We organize corporate parties and activities for team building of any scale. Well-organized corporate event solves several problems at once, among them: team building, negativity discharge and positive charging. Among the main advantages of working with us: the availability of all Classifiers of economic activities and title documents, as well as the possibility of payment by bank transfer and VAT.

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Planning and Organization
The Wedding

We provide services from invitations to honeymoon. Organization of a wedding is a labour-consuming process. A chic, memorable wedding can be created by people who know about the complexities in the organization firsthand and have a little more than an emotional outburst of the soul. Our team has been organizing weddings full construction for more than 7 years! We are aware of the most fashionable tendencies and trends in the wedding.

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Planning and Organization
The Children’s Party

We organize animation, programs, design and so on. Events for the youngest are the most time consuming in the organization. We provide assistance in organizing separate services for a children's party, as well as organizing a children's holiday on a full construction basis.

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Planning and Organization
The Birthday Party

We will surprise you and help to celebrate in the way you wanted. In order to celebrate the birthday on a grand scale, it is not necessary to wait for a round date! We are happy to organize the celebration of a significant day in the classical style, as well as in any topic you choose!

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Planning and Organization

Do not be afraid to express your feelings! Organize an unforgettable romantic date for your second half, because there are so many ways to express your sympathy and love. If you want to give your loved one a day filled with vivid impressions, but due to the lack of the necessary time for the careful organization, feel free to contact our agency for the organization of events "Perepoloh" in Odessa and our managers will help you with the choice of the main idea, the solution of the tasks of the decorative and organizational character.

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Planning and Organization
The Conference

If you are thinking how to hold the conference in the best way, we and our management team are happy to provide services and provide expert assistance on all organizational matters of the conference. Also, among the services for organizing the conference, we will be happy to offer accommodations for foreign guests, meals, excursions, as well as filling the gala dinner.

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Planning and Organization

Individual scenario from small to large-scale prunks. Our prunks or jokes  have one distinctive feature - they are full of emotions, they can not be forgotten! Once having organized a surprise for a close person, you provide a positive memory of this day for many, many years!

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Organization of holidays Odessa - Perepoloh event agency

An event is a day people wait for impatiently. It is a day, created to add bright colors into our lives. An event means smiles, laughter, joy, memories and delight. Anyone who has ever arranged a party dreamed about it success. Wanted everybody to enjoy it, experience unforgettable emotions and stay under the impression for some time after the day an event took place. To turn a celebration into an unforgettable event - accurate planning, thorough preparation, professional execution and attention to the details are needed. The main advantage of the holiday company Odessa is a great experience in arranging various kinds of events in Odessa city and individual approach to each client during the work. Together with scenario writers we take into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event and make up unique greetings. Our managers found out what you want in particular and how you imagine the whole picture of the event and inform you at every new step of the organization.There are many articles on our website that can help you to make arrangements yourself. And remember, the most important thing is with whom you celebrate, not where and how!

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Recent Events
гавайская вечеринка одесса
Nov 05, 2020 @ 10:54
On August 10, 2020, baby Amy turned 5 years old. The birthday girl's mom decided to organize a party for the children...
детский праздник в стиле "супергерои"
Nov 03, 2020 @ 13:56
On his 5th birthday, Vova wanted to invite all kinds of superheroes. We called Hulk, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Flash and...
анимационная программа такчки
Oct 15, 2020 @ 13:00
Danya's mom asked us for help in organizing the 8th birthday of her son on the way from Kiev to Odessa....

Poker, blackjack, roulette.

Outside activities

On land, at sea, under the ground and in the air.

Entertainer. Hostess

Memes, Stilts, jumpers, hostesses, live desk, pj.

Equipment support

From the microphone and the projector to the laser show and the water screen

Auto rental

And as coaches, wedding trucks and more. etc.

Artists. Showtime

Parodies, acrobats, dancers, original genre, and more. etc.


Slides, trampolines, swing sets.

Bartenders. Bartender Show

Flaring, the bartender for the evening, molecular mixology, etc.


Best service as a catacomb, and on the roof.


For any size and any age.

Santa Claus. The Snow Maiden

Home, corporate, and even the window.

Children’s Entertainers

Entertainers, clowns, akvagrim, body art.

Children’s Programs

Luntik, SpongeBob, Aladdin, Fairy Winx, Spies, Special Forces, Masha and the Bear, and many others.

Host to Children’s Party

Individual approach and professionalism is guaranteed.

Live Band. DJ

From classics to modern hits.


Both local and global scale.


Team building and building horizontal ties to companies of all sizes.

Master class. Leisure Activities

Do not know what to do in the evening? Contact - Loans;-)

Unique greetings

It is our strong point;)

Invitation Cards. Gifts

Original and tasteful.

Restaurants. Camps. Locations

And in the same area, location, place in nature.


From household to professional fireworks displays, as well as the fiery letters.

Visual Effects

Smoke, snow, confetti, laser show, etc.

Strip Dance

Male, female, comic.

Cakes and Desserts

Tasty and original. Any design, filling and shape.

Venue Design

The decor, floral, drapery fabric, as well as decoration balls of all sizes and complexity.

Magicians. Illusionists

From classic to modern schools of Illusion skill.


Photoshoot, love story, reportage photography, video, collage, aerial photography, etc.

Exclusive tours

From abandoned catacombs with shooting range to the most unusual places of Odessa and Ukraine.


Activity for the most daring.

Yacht. Motor Boats. Motor Ships.

Sailing and motor. Individually and for large companies.

Wedding abroad

From the selection of ideas and places to wires in the honeymoon

Teambuilding abroad

CIS, Europe, Asia and even Africa

Reviews Our clients

Не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, развивайтесь и оставайтесь №1 в своей сфере!

Держать планку на том же уровне!

Что бы Вы хотели нам пожелать? Успехов в бизнесе, побольше клиентов и хорошего настроения!

Хотим вам пожелать стабильного роста и много новых приверженных клиентов!

В наступающем году хочется пожелать коллективу компании "Переполох" побольше интересных и масштабных заказов, не иссякающего энтузиазма и полное отсутствие непредвиденных ситуаций!  Ну а для Ваших будущих клиентов - только радости и удовольствия от работы с Вами!

Развития, больше плодотворных контактов. Хорошего настроения!

Мы желаем Всей команде Переполох успехов в столь интересной и творческой работе, процветания, динамичного развития и интересных проектов!

Не останавливаться на достигнутом и не терять вдохновения! Всем очень понравился зажигать под рок в Новый Год :) Спасибо!

Желаю новых клиентов с крупными проектами. И пусть все хорошие заказчики остаются вашими постоянными клиентами

(Russian) Четвероногий друг

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Russian) Максим Срибный

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Команда ИА Переполох
(Russian) Анна Рускевич – помощник руководителя

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Валерка Ивентор
(Russian) Срибный Валерий – юный ивентор, главный вдохновитель

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Когда на сердце вдруг тоска
Или начальник требует веселья
И парень превратился в жениха,
Ты позвони без тени всякого сомненья.
Ты позвони и будь уверен, друг,
Все хлопоты уйдут сами собою
Когда твой верный кент, соратник, friend
Наполнит праздный день душою.
В полку не сыщешь неумех
Мы родились, живем, творим в Одессе
И имя нам «ПЕРЕПОЛОХ»
«Переполох» - идем к успеху вместе!!!
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