ЗD video projection and light show

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    ЗD video projection and light show

    Technology Video Mapping creates a three-dimensional projection for objects of different shapes and areas. To view these shows, you do not need any special devices, such as in the movies using 3D glasses. The main thing is to be in a specific place for viewing. The projection of the image is carried out both on architectural structures (walls, facade of buildings, fountains), and on other small objects (projection on dresses, cakes, interior walls of the apartment). Among the nightclubs, concert venues and restaurants, interior projections that create a special the atmosphere. And for the advertising business of the 21st century, Video Mapping technology opens up new opportunities for growth and development! Such projections do not require the use of additional structures. Realize your fantasy with Video Mapping technology, get the viewer involved in it.

    Format Motion

    Scale projection allows you to completely change the look of absolutely any architectural structure. And that moment of the projection on the house, when its columns collapse and fall with a crash down leaves an unforgettable feeling. Just like on the walls, the projection is possible on the floor and on the ceiling. The projection will allow you to make drastic changes in the architecture and design of buildings and premises. You can change the color, light, shape and geometry of the structure, install a moving image on the walls, give the appearance of an old building, the illusion of a split or crack, and of complete destruction.

    3D auto mapping is made on cars of any size and model. An individual image is created that imitates movement, weather conditions, you can change the color, texture of the car and use a variety of special effects in the show.

    3D projection on the cake

    The rapid mapping service on the cake is rapidly gaining popularity. Video projection can be made on a real cake or cake mockup, considering its geometric shape. The projection can be implemented on a real cake of any shape or on its layout. For the projection, you can use your photos, videos, names, artistic lighting and more.

    Work on the projection on the surface takes place in 2 stages: the creation of a video connection, the finished content is displayed at the event.


    exclusive in the format of motion - 1000 UAH for 1 sec
    Standard projects - 3000-5000 UAH for 2 minutes.

    The cost depends on the complexity of the project!


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