Aerial gymnast

номер в воздухе на ремнях в Одессе, воздушный гимнаст на мероприятие Одесса, шоу-номер от гимнаста в Одессе
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Professional aerialists in Odessa, whose performances sre ideal for the show programme of a wedding, birthday or corporate party. Dangerous and exciting tricks, filled with beauty and grace will delight you and your guests.

    Professional gymnastic program will definitely not be able to leave you, your colleagues or your soulmate indifferent. The gymnastics is the grace and airiness in flight which is reached due to huge professionalism and long-term experience.

    The gymnasts has many years of experience, worked in Germany, France, Switzerland, CIS countries. They are the gold winners of various international circus competitions, have a lot of shows in his arsenal, which will not leave you indifferent!

    Performances for your celebrations:

    • solo on the belts;
    • twin room on the belts.

    Performance with a wheel - fascinating and extreme, where everything depends on the laws of physics and skill of the artist. Gymnast performs various tricks to music, not giving you a chance to pay attention to anything else. This show requires much space, at least 5m x 5m and a non-slippery floor.

    During the performance on straps there is a connection of power and calisthenics which will hit your perception. The gymnast is in the air for almost 4 minutes, performing a variety of shapes and combinations at different levels, soaring to the ceiling and then falling down.

    Music and a gymnast's suit can be changed according to your wishes.

    Duration of the performance can be  stipulated too.





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