Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Aerofontain in Odessa - is a service that allows you to create a special effect in which air rushes from the bottom  holds big flag of Ukraine

    This type of special effect is typically used:

    • for stage platforms;
    • promotions;
    • weddings;
    • anniversaries;
    • exhibitions;
    • theme parties;
    • festival.

    Such a machine also used in planty sport events, festivals urban format.

    Aerofontain is a spessially necessary in order of giving solemnity to the event. Due to the dynamism of its design - it giveі liveliness to the event. The fountain is made of special fabric. If your holiday or event needs some symbols, it can  be easily done by using of all kind off fabric.  This service is good for promotions and give an apportunity to atract new  target audience. For party organisation aerfontain with backlight.  It will be imporsible to pass it.

    You can, for example, put aerofontain which simulates flames, or  use it with waving flag of Ukraine. Due to its volume, it helps to create the atmosphere of the importance of everything that happens at the event. Particularly interesting in this car will look at the open-air event.



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