Accessories for the Photoshoot

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Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Accessories for the Photoshoot in Odessa add spice to your holiday and make it memorable for the participants and spectators! If you are in search for something original and stylish for a photo shoot, we will help find you various exciting solutions!

         In the "wild" 90's decor for holiday photo shoot consisted of ... balloons and paper garlands. Some people also added homemade posters format "Peace, labor, May," but with text, that corresponds to the event.

         It's no secret that the integral part of a picture a carpet, of course! Sometimes, the wall with flowered wallpaper replaces this "sham".

         Fortunately, the 90th has passed. Now there is a more than happy alternative for you to all of the mentioned above for decoration a photo shoot.

         Accessories for the Photoshoot in Odessa will be an excellent entertainment for your guests and your own!

    We offer the following sets for a photo shoot:

     1. Set "Moustache"

    • 5 different glasses;
    • 3 types of lips (2 pcs each);
    • 6 kinds of moustache (2 pcs each);
    • 1 tube.

         The cost of the set - 190 UAH.

    2 . Set of "Men's collection ."

    • 2 hats, and beret and crown;
    • 6 kinds of whiskers (2 pcs each);
    • 1 necktie, 1 butterfly;
    • 2 beard;
    • 1 pair of glasses.

         The cost of the set - 190 UAH.

    3 . Set "Speech cloud"

         There are two pieces of chalk in the envelope.

         The cost of a cloud  - 160 UAH 

         When ordering 3 different forms of cloud - 150 UAH

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