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Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Renting a Yacht in Odessa - the best offer for you to dilute an ordinary routine vacation with friends, as well as the opportunity to surprise your soulmate with a romantic dinner on the high seas. Spend with our friendly team: birthday, corporate holiday, a walk with a friend, a romantic date, give an unforgettable holiday to the family. Thanks to the fresh sea scent and fascinating landscape of the Odessa coast - the Yacht will add new colors to your life and you will not forget this day for a long time. The ship comfortably accommodates 6 people, a table and chairs are provided for the comfort of guests. If you want to cook your favorite dish to the sound of the sea wave, then especially for you on the yacht there is a gas stove and a double-stove on the cardan. If you like to swim in the open sea, then for you there is a folding ladder, thanks to which you can descend into the water.

    In case of emergency there are spare vests on board.
    Create an atmosphere of luxury around you and relax from the monotonous bustle, because you deserve it!Characteristic of the vessel:

    • 5 beds;
    • fresh water;
    • outboard water;
    • body length 7.8 m;
    • width 2.8 m;
    • cabin height 1.7 m.
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