Banquet halls for a wedding in Odessa

банкетные залы на свадьбу в Одессе
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    When the bride and groom are starting to plan a wedding, they start to think about the venue of the event. The choice of venue depends on many factors: the desired shows, the taste preferences of the guests and the newlyweds, wishes in the interior, the number of guests, budget.

    At first, you should determine the number of guests you want to invite to share your joyful event. You can choose a wedding banquet hall in Odessa depending on the amount of people.

    The second important factor is a budget. Decide how much money you can spend on a hall rental and refreshments. Every restaurant manager can tell you the average cost of the order of the banquet menu for one person. You will be able to calculate everything based on this value, the number of guests and the amount of the rent.

    Third, you need to choose a kitchen. If you want to please all guests, it’s best to choose the European cuisine. If you want to please some guests with original dishes, choose restaurant, which has different kinds of dishes from various cuisines. Remember that you can always discuss the menu with the manager of the restaurant and come to a common decision.

    On the fourth place is interior. Looking around at the wedding banquet halls in Odessa, you can come to a conclusion, which is more suitable surroundings for your event. The right choice can save you money, which you could spend on bringing the hall to your style with the help of the decor. You can select a restaurant, which already contains all the necessary decorations in the form of a particular style of interior.

    Fifth, make sure that the hall has all the necessary equipment and areas for shows. If you order the live music for the wedding, it should be the necessary equipment on location. If you want competitions and dance programs, it must be space in the hall. You also need to consider it when choosing a venue for the celebration.

    These are the most famous banquet halls for a wedding in Odessa: the Renaissance, the Ministerium, Alexander, House, Candle, Pecheskago, Maman, Victory Gardens, Veranda, Versailles, Oshn vomiting, Odessa, Joy, Bernardazzi, Mozart, Bluff, as well as many others prestigious restaurants of the city.

    All you need to announce is your preferences, budget, number of guests, wishes in the interior, wishes to the show program, and we will find you a few suitable places. You will be able to visit these halls and to choose one of them. When you make your choice, we will help you with decoration, as well as with the preparations from the beginning to the end.

    Your wedding will be the most memorable event in your life!

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