Банкетный ресторан в центре Одессы

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Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    The newly opened banquet restaurant on the basis of one of presentable hotels in Odessa invites you to spend unforgettable moments in an elegant and stylish halls!
    The restaurant is located in the heart of Odessa, which is very convenient for weddings, conferences and other events.
    Interior is designed by the contemporary designers: light colors, a large number of live greenery, comfortable furniture and spacious layout. A style of an artist-sculptor's studio is in every detail, creating a unique atmosphere.
    The kitchen is entrusted to a professional chef with experience in other popular restaurants in town. The menu combines classic Mediterranean cuisine and Odessa cuisine. The wine list affects a wide range of the world's largest producers.

    The restaurant offers:

    • lunches
    • coffee breaks
    • receptions
    • banquet

    This place is ideal for such special occasions as corporate party, wedding, birthday, etc. The unique design and modern technical equipment allow spending more than 1 celebration at the same time.

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