Trampoline Dolphin

Аренда батута дельфин
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Trampoline Dolphin in Odessa – is a whole range of entertainment for children.

    It is a large structure: length - 13 meters, width - 7 meters. There are two slides on the sides of the attraction and a rope ladder in the middle on which children can climb on the hill. There is a soft trampoline at the bottom. If children will be tired of riding, they can just jump on the trampoline and have fun.

    Large size of trampoline and two slides allows to entertain a large number of children - about 10 people. They can organize competitions - who will quickly climb up and then come down from the hill.

    While children will be entertained at the trampoline complex, parents can relax.

    Trampoline is very colorful and bright, equipped with beautiful figures of dolphins. Children will be interested in a fantasy world.

    It is needed to install the trampoline:

    • playground;
    • 220 V;
    • 4 kW.

    The cost of trampoline rent – 3000 UAH (weekday), 4000 UAH (weekend).

    The price includes:

    • delivery;
    • installation;
    • dismantling;
    • work of technician.
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