Outside activities


Outside activities are different from sport activities. You won’t find here long and exhausting exercises and competitions, though high scores are an integral part of this kind of activities.

     Modern office life saturated with drowse. Many people are accustomed to this emotional and physical condition that’s why only a principal change of surrounding can help to feel the difference. Outside activities are the best way to power up energy supply. Also it is an activity full of drive and unexpectedness.

     Examples of possible activities:

  • paintball in Odessa;
  • strike ball in Odessa;
  • quest in Odessa;
  • laser fights in Odessa;
  • shooting room in Odessa.

    Our company has many variants of outside and outside-corporate activities, because spending your off-work time in this way helps to shape a team play and enhance a fighting spirit.

    We are happy to help you to make up and organize outside activities, taking into consideration all of your wishes and preferences.

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