Outside activities


Outside activities are different from sport activities. You won’t find here long and exhausting exercises and competitions, though high scores are an integral part of this kind of activities.

     Modern office life saturated with drowse. Many people are accustomed to this emotional and physical condition that’s why only a principal change of surrounding can help to feel the difference. Outside activities are the best way to power up energy supply. Also it is an activity full of drive and unexpectedness.

     Examples of possible activities:

  • paintball in Odessa;
  • strike ball in Odessa;
  • quest in Odessa;
  • laser fights in Odessa;
  • shooting room in Odessa.

    Our company has many variants of outside and outside-corporate activities, because spending your off-work time in this way helps to shape a team play and enhance a fighting spirit.

    We are happy to help you to make up and organize outside activities, taking into consideration all of your wishes and preferences.

дунай, охота, отдых

Hunting on the Danube riverside


     Hunting on the Danube riverside – it is a change to have a rest and feel close to nature. Cotta...

Рыбалка в море, Одесса

Sea fishing


Sea fishing Sea fishing in Odessa is not only a fascinating process, but also a way to relax with f...


High-tech attractions: kinekt show


Kinect - a non-contact sensor game controller allows you to play various games. (more…)...

Скалодром одесса

Master-class on climbing


Odessa climbing wall, located near one of the most beautiful beaches of the city, offers visitors an...

Водное шоу, Одесса

Water fights


Water show in Odessa - is an entertainment program for summer holiday. Virtually unlimited number of...

верховая езда, лошади, конный клуб

Horse riding in the club


Horse riding in Odessa is a great variant to spend your free time with friends, close and colleagues...

пейнтбол, стрельба красками



Paintball is a team game where capsules (markers) with dye are used. (more…)...

Лазерные бои Одесса

Laser Fights


Laser fights in Odessa is an active game that uses a weapon with laser beams. If you choose this typ...

Escape room Odessa

Escape room


Escape room Odessa - completely new type of leisure activities for small groups of people. Your team...

прыжки с высоты, экстрим, джампинг

Bungee Jumping


Bungee jumping is an extreme service in Odessa, which will provide you with vivid emotions and adren...

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Ropes Park


Interesting format adventures await you in the rope park. This is a whole entertainment complex with...

рафтинг, сплав по реке, рафты одесса



Rafting in Odessa is an extreme adventure that will add some spice to your weekdays. Rafting is an a...

квадроциклы, активный отдых, одесса

Quad bike driving


Advantages of quad bike are: powerful engine, small weight and manoeuvrability. Quad bike driving in...



Sports trampoline - a modern and original solution for a children's holiday or recreation. This devi...

активный отдых, соревнования на байдарках, отдых на природе Одесса



Kayaking is a great chance to spend your free time on the nature. Kayaking in Odessa gives you vivac...

стрельба по тарелочкам, стрельба по тарелкам, одесса

Plate shooting


Skeet shooting in Odessa is a good alternative for those who do not have enough time for field hunti...

Полет на дельтаплане Одесса

A moto hang-glider flight


A moto hang-glider flight in Odessa is a unique opportunity to feel and see the beauty of Odessa fro...

живой квест

Live quest


Live Quest is an interesting game for corporate parties, birthday celebrations for children or adult...

прыжки с парашютом, экстрим

Sky Diving


Sky diving in Odessa is a service for those who want to feel the rush of adrenaline. You can jump al...


Exit ray arbalet shooting gallery


Exit ray-arbalet shooting gallery - a truly exciting entertainment. Perfect for celebrating birthday...

лошади, конный спорт,верховая езда, одесса

Horse riding along the sea bank


Horse riding along the sea bank in Odessa is very beautiful and romantic. Bright emotions and unforg...

отдых на яхте Одесса

Sailing catamaran «Contento»


Sailing catamaran in Odessa is an adventure that will fill up a treasure chest of bright emotions an...

воздушный шар, полет, одесса, аттракцион

Hot Air Balloon Fly


Flying in a balloon in Odessa is romance, freedom, harmony with nature and adrenaline rush in one bo...

alt - кальмар-6

Игра в Кальмара


Squid Game is an exciting quest for children and adults based on the sensational TV series. An excel...

Лабиринт с препятсвиями в лесу

The rope course


The rope course Rope course with quest items -  active form of entertainment that will appeal to ad...

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