Entertainer. Hostess

  Entertainer it is an actor dressed in a clown or any other fabulous hero costume.

   Hostess it is girls and boys dressed in themed costumes whose objectives are: -meet guest; – help guest with any question they have.

  Entertainer’s objectives are: bear company and entertain guests. Entertainers add fabulous feelings to any event and stir up interest of all people around.

   At the Children’s party, entertainers are the right hand men. They know how to provoke interest and preoccupy your kids. Also they use an individual approach to every child, so nobody will get bored.

   Depending on your desire entertainer’s tasks can vary from casual talk to the full scenario with games.

   Entertainers for children in Odessa who cooperate with our agency have extensive experience in working with kids of different age groups.

   We are happy to help you to choose the right one for you!

встреча с поезда, самолета, доставка гостей, одесса

Meeting on the train station, airport, seapor and bus station


A unique service to meet your guests, relatives and friends after a long journey in the city of Odes...

предложение руки и сердца

Romantic date


Romantic date Arrange an unforgettable romantic date for your love one in Odessa! (more…)...

Менди Одесса, Мехенди в Одессе, Рисунки хной Одесса, рисунки на теле, боди-арт



Painting with henna in Odessa, will give your image sophistication and oriental refinement. Since an...

хостес на встречу гостей 10

Entertainers. Hostess


Entertainers. Hostess Hostess in Odessa is a welcoming girls (and boys nowadays as well) whose task...


Live mannequins


There is no surprise has left in Odessa city? Do you want to have more customers? Or maybe you just ...

боди арт, аквагрим, одесса

Body Art


Body art in Odessa is the art of painting on the body with special paints. Body art can be a colorfu...

хостес в одессе, встреча гостей в одессе

Themed Hostess


Themed Hostess Themed hostess it is girls worn in costumes that correspond to the theme you have ch...

Prize wheel


A prize wheel in Odessa is a great option for your event in case prize drawing is planned. (more&hel...

актер 1



Actor with actor's education in Odessa will perform any role for your holiday. Depending on the them...

поздравление от мимов ходулистов джамперов в Одессе, оригинальные поздравления в Одессе, поздравить в Одессе, мимы на праздник в Одессе, заказать оригинальное поздравление в Одессе, как необычно поздравить в Одессе

Congratulations from mime, hodulists and jumpers.


Congratulations from mimes, hodulistov, jumpers Congratulations from mimes, hodulistov and jumpers ...



Mimes in Odessa can decorate your holiday or event. Mimes on holiday with the highest professionalis...

Шоу Одесса



Stilt-walkers in Odessa will make your event truly original, bright and rich. Stilt-walkers fill the...

Живые статуи

Living statues


Living statues in Odessa is a great variant for meeting guests on wedding, birthday party, to attrac...

Живой стол

“Alive” table


A lively table in Odessa or a Lady Buffet in Odessa is an unusual and original service for decoratin...

бутафорский торт 8

Fake Cake


Rent of a fake cake in Odessa - is a good way to surprise and amaze your family and friends. In the ...


Mirror Rabbit


Mirror Rabbit is an original hostess that is perfect for any thematic event, setting the mood at...

Белый Медведь (ростовая кукла)

Polar Bear (life-sized puppet)


Life sized puppet Polar Bear in Odessa will give you an emotional charge and attract attention of st...

Оригинальная встреча гостей Одесса

Original meeting of guests


Order a service Original meeting of guests at your event in Odessa to make your party memorable and ...



Sushi model in Odessa is a decoration to your event and treat for your guests at the same time. Sush...

боди-арт с моделью 9

Body-art with model


Body art in Odessa is beautiful, stylish and extraordinary! Body art can be the perfect decoration f...

Артисты оригинального жанра в Одессе

Mirror Man


Mirror Man is always the original hostess at any of your events. Your guests will be met not just by...



Magician Magician from Odessa - a true professional with working experience of more than seven year...

Мобильный робот в Одессе

Mobile robot


Mobile robot in Odessa can help you to meet the guests at the event, to interest customers during pr...




Bitboxer The most famous beatboxer of the country. Star of Ukraine Maє Talent and youtube. Top 3 on...

Световое шоу Одесса

Light music show


Light music show Alfa ladies in Odessa is a charming and explosive dance of girls in the style of Be...

Шоу в Одессе

Two bartenders Show


Shows from 2 professional bartenders will set the atmosphere of your event for fun and drive. After ...

Duet air gymnasts


Aerial gymnastics is a dance-acrobatic genre, it has many faces and diverse. The harmony of music, d...

Life-size puppet show in Odessa


The only dancing life-size characters in Ukraine will decorate your holiday (more…)...

видео-квартет Одесса

Video Quartet


The video quartet will be an unusual and original musical addition to your event. Create a unique Lo...

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