Entertainer. Hostess

  Entertainer it is an actor dressed in a clown or any other fabulous hero costume.

   Hostess it is girls and boys dressed in themed costumes whose objectives are: -meet guest; – help guest with any question they have.

  Entertainer’s objectives are: bear company and entertain guests. Entertainers add fabulous feelings to any event and stir up interest of all people around.

   At the Children’s party, entertainers are the right hand men. They know how to provoke interest and preoccupy your kids. Also they use an individual approach to every child, so nobody will get bored.

   Depending on your desire entertainer’s tasks can vary from casual talk to the full scenario with games.

   Entertainers for children in Odessa who cooperate with our agency have extensive experience in working with kids of different age groups.

   We are happy to help you to choose the right one for you!

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