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A poor operation of the equipment can give a wrong impression about the event. Good sound/light/video equipment can say a lot about the level of organization.

   But a high class technical support only doesn’t guarantee success. Proper work depends on technical, economic and service components.

   Irresponsible event planners can save money on good quality technic or on professional lightning/sound/video-operators or chose musicians with lack of experience.

   The venue plays an important role also. In this way, for party outdoors – line arrays and mid-bass are needed. For small, closed premises – low powered dynamic loudspeaker with good wavelength for its quality are perfect.

   As a conclusion we want to recommend not to cut down expenses on the equipment and technical support.

   Pay attention to time-proved trademarks:

  • Dynacord
  • JBL
  • DB Technologies
  • Electro-Voice
  • Shure
  • Sennheiser

  Rental equipment reccomendations:

  • Trade mark;
  • The duration that company is on the market;
  • Don`t try to mount everything yourself;
  • Rent the packet of the equipment at one company;
  • Use all services (delivery, mountling, dismountling, regulation, technical support).

We are happy to provide services on all technical support needed in Odessa city!

We are responsible for:

  • Venue analysis;
  • Lightning support;
  • Equipment transportation;
  • Mantling and dismantling;
  • Sound check;
  • Sound engineer, DJ, actors, music bands, hosts recommendation.

шатер на мероприятие 4



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