Gambling includes games with unexpected result and a prize mostly depends on fortune.

Game machines and games of chance will add bright colors to your event. This type of entertainment is perfect for those, who want to impress his guests and turn an event into endless adrenaline rush.

For example, you can play casino away (Poker, Black Jack, Roulette) at the private celebration and only when moon is up.

Mafia – it is a psychological game with detective scenario. This game succeeded in catching the interest of people of different age and social groups. It develops attention, rhetoric, reasoning, memory and reading body language skills.

Rat race – a prototype of roach race. Especially for people who love to back against the field. We are happy to create a gambling atmosphere and take care of mantling/dismantling of the equipment, organization and carrying out an event full of bright emotions and feelings for you. Delivery and mantling works can be organized almost at any location chosen in Odessa city.

азартные игры, мафия, психологическая игра

Classical game Mafia


Mafia is a game that models a conflict between informed minority (mafia) and an uninformed majority ...

пьедестал, награждение победителей, одесса

Pedestal for awarding


Any completion end with awarding procedure of the winners in the end. Pedestal in Odessa is an integ...

тараканьи бега в Одессе

Cockroach Races


Cockroach Races in Odessa - is an exciting entertainment that will allow you to tickle your nerves! ...

азартные игры, автоматы

Game Machines


Game machines in Odessa can mix up the evening and add into the whole atmosphere a reckless flavor. ...

боулин, мини боулинг, азартные игры

Mini Bowling


Mini bowling in Odessa is a prototype of an original bowling game. The main difference – it has smal...

бега, ставки, азартные игры

Alien insects race


Alien insects’ race in Odessa is an exciting game, which is perfect for those who love to bet and wi...

поросячьи бега, перегонки, ставки, азартные игры

Piggy Race


Piggy Race date back to Ancient Rome. Romans had those races on squares and fairs. Nowadays, piggy r...

Pneumatic Shooting Room


Mainly, pneumatic guns are used for sport and entertainment at the shooting room. It is also used fo...

казино, азартные игры

Casino Out


Casino out in Odessa is a legit amusement. The main advantage of the casino out is its mobility and ...

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