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  To be a bartender doesn’t mean to have skills of mixing drinks. A bartender is a kind, sociable psychologist with good memory.

   To enjoy cocktails is not necessarily to go to the bar now!   includes work of bartender with all needed equipment and components at the chosen by you place for celebration. The product rage is the same big as at the conventional bar.

   Besides bar service, we suggest you to order a bartender show that appears to be a spectacle.

   Within 15 minutes, bartenders are going to impress your guests with acrobatic skills, tricks, bright fireworks and with flairing of course.

  We are happy to help you to choose professional bartenders and bartender show program that corresponds to the event format. For the smallest we can offer an oxygen bar!

сервис менеджер для мероприятий Одесса

Service manager


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Bartender to your Event


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мастер класс по приготовлению коктейлей для детей одесса

Master class for children on preparation of cocktails


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Bartender show


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Bartender show for children


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Master class from the bartender


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