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Nowadays, people prefer celebrating their birthday in many different ways. Some people emphasize it from other holidays and dedicate much their time and power to organize everything themselves. Other love to celebrate it in a family circle. One way or another, Birthday has always been a special day.

In case your Birthday or a Birthday of your child, relative or friend is coming and you want something special and extravagant, our event management company “Perepoloch” in Odessa city is happy to help you in realization of your dreams.

Just fill a short order and our managers will call you back in a split second to discuss the details. Our phone lines are open for your calls as well. Our contacts are here.


You can divide any event on three types:

- Classical. Refreshments and show program are included.

- Themed Party. Party is arranged on the basis of the theme you have chosen (Disco Party, Western Party, etc.). It includes: themed scenario, decorations, music, menu, actors and host’s costumes.

- Non-conventional. Active type of party, it can be: quest games, extreme day, unusual city tour.



The venue is not just four walls around you. First of all it is your comfort and comfort of your guests.

First step in finding a right place should be your personal preference. The most popular places for birthday parties are:

- Your own place. You invite to your house a sushi chef for master class or strip dancers “under cover” to add an element of surprise. To save your power and time, it is recommended to use catering services.

- Restaurant/café/night club. You can throw a big loud party till dawn and avoid long hours of cooking and cleaning. You can order either banquet or organize a stand-up party.

- Out. Nature is a perfect place for active games and quest lovers as well as for those who prefers calm chat- in next to the fire with guitar playing.

- On the way. Go to the places you wanted to visit for such a long time. Or order a special tour in your city in a luxurious white limo.

- Extreme places. Perfect option for those who needs 24/7 adrenaline buzz in a blood. Surprise your friends with a party on the rooftop, party at the water park or party at the laser club.

Whatever variant you choose, remember – you should always have plenty of refreshments. In case you have chosen a themed type of party, order a themed menu.

There is a rule how to calculate the amount of refreshments per one person: 1 kg of food, 0,5 l. of stiff drink, 0,7 l. of low alcohol drink and 1-1,3 l. of non-alcoholic drink.



Please, give careful considerations to the views expressed here because a host is the heart and the soul of the party.

In case there is no professional host among people you know, let’s see how to choose the host yourself:

- Watch the online video and estimate host’s work and potential;

- A good host must have: a good diction, charisma, charm and be a great talker. Notice how easy he can make himself clear. A good host has a good sense of humor, great communication skills and can act offhand;

- A host should write a scenario based on your desire and should not offer clichéd variant. In case it a Birthday Party of your child, order entertainers.



Depending on your music preferences you can invite either live band or a DJ to your Birthday Party.

Remember, a live band cooperates with a sound engineer who is in charge of music quality. That is why agree on sound check before the event. DJ in his turn cooperates with the event planer or with a host in case the event planer is absent. Both a live band and a DJ may need additional technical equipment.

Don’t forget to check their personal website and see them at work.




Show is an entertaining part (play) of an event that is going to impress your guests.

Here is the list of the most popular shows:

- Dance show;

- Bartender show;

- Acrobatic show;

- Parody show;

- Clown show;

- Fire show;

- Mime;

- Caricaturist.


Photographer and videographer are essential at the party to capture every single moment of the evening. Distinctive aspects of a good photographer/videographer:

- He has a portfolio;

- Good feedback comments from other clients;

- He has a studio and personal website.

We are happy if this article was useful to you! The event planners of our event agency “Perepoloch” in Odessa city are happy to provide any service for the Party arrangements of any possible scale. Our creative team takes into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event.

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We offer different scenarios
Organization and carrying out a complex of services


Everyday feasts and toasts are a thing of the past. Now everyone wants not just a birthday, but a theme party. And this is a very correct decision. We offer different options that will suit your liking, be it a Hawaiian party, a rock party.

Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Closed private party

Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a narrow circle? Run away from work, strangers and just take a break from all worries? Then a closed private party is what you need. And we will help organize all this. Invitations for special people, face control, etc.

Closed private party
Role-playing game
Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Role-playing game

We will help you create an individual scenario for your holiday and introduce guests to this story as actors.

Organization and carrying out a complex of services


We organize walking or car quests, with diverse tasks and riddles that will certainly unite your team into a friendly team. You can not only have fun, but also visit the most mysterious and unknown corners of the city.

Fancy dress evening
Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Fancy dress evening

This is a good mood and colorful photos. Sometimes adults do not have enough reason to relax, fool around and just take a break from this everyday hustle and bustle ... This is the reason - your holiday, where guests can be whoever they want.

Why are we trusted
Team of professionals
In our view, a perfect celebration is when the result exceeds any expectations of our clients. We have combined many years of experience, knowledge, talent and professionalism and we are confident in our knowledge and capabilities.
Time saving
We provide an opportunity to enjoy every wonderful moment of the holiday, and we ourselves take on all the organizational chores. The fairy tale comes true.
Honesty towards clients and partners is one of our main principles. We act strictly within the framework of the contract, and calculations and estimates are completely transparent. Sincerity inspires trust, which we back up with our professionalism.
We organize turnkey weddings
We are responsible for the entire process of organizing a wedding: from choosing or building a site to saying bye to the last guest. At the holiday, everyone is busy with their own business, solving the problems of your project. We do not create problems, we solve them!
A unique concept for every celebration
We listen to your wishes and create what suits you best. We bring to life people`s ideas of a perfect celebration or create an absolutely exclusive style. Your dreams and needs are our inspiration!
High level of services and performers
We have an increased requirement for service providers, this gives you confidence in a decent result. We give our best and worry about every detail. We are united by love for what we do and respect for the wishes of our clients.
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Perepoloh — is a creative union of professionals with common values ​​and a vision of the perfect party celebration. We want every day of preparation and, of course, the х-day еo be filled with your feelings, emotions, stories close to you in spirit.

From the first contact we try to understand you: what is important to you, what you are interested in, what you are used to, what may surprise and delight you. It is this approach that allowed us to bring the organization of holidays to a new level, and you to get in our person an assistant who understands your desires better than others.

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