Children’s Entertainers

  Entertainer is an actor dressed in a clown or superhero costume. His aim is to entertain the crowd and make sure nobody is bored.

   Entertains don’t host an event; their objective is to entertain kids with contests and games. But as well as with the host you should discuss the game plan with entertainer beforehand.

   Scenario depends on your desire only. You can throw a conventional party with candies and gifts or organize a themed one with costumes and decorations. Depending on the theme, an entertainer makes up games and contests for kids.

   Better, if actors you invited to your celebration have actors’ degree or/and extensive experience in working with kids.

   In case the entertainer is male, listen to his voice – it shouldn’t be rough and too loud.

   Entertainers who cooperate with our agency have an extensive experience in working with kids and can find an approach to every child at the event.


Праздник в PartyBus


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детские программы одесса

Childrens’ Programs


     To learn more about programs for kids you can here. (more…)...

Менди Одесса, Мехенди в Одессе, Рисунки хной Одесса, рисунки на теле, боди-арт



Painting with henna in Odessa, will give your image sophistication and oriental refinement. Since an...

Мастер класс по созданию волшебных шаров в Одессе

Master class on creating snow balls.


A master class on creating snow balls in Odessa is a unique artistic experience for your children. H...

аквагрим одесса

Face painting


Face painting is loved by many a great service that allows children to try different interesting ima...

грим на лицо



Face painting is an art of changing appearance of a person with the help of pains, masks and false h...

Сухой бассейн

Dry pool


Rental Dry pool in Odessa will help make children's holiday unique and unforgettable. (more&hell...

аниматор одесса



     Experienced, creative, cheerful and loving children entertainers in Odessa will find activities...

Theatrical bubble show


Theatrical bubble show in Odessa will send you in a magical world of childhood, happiness and smile...

мастер класс одесса, мастер класс, эбру, рисунок по воде, рисунок на воде, мраморная бумага, развлечения для детей, отдых, организация праздников, детские праздники, корпоратив, мастер класс на праздник, шоу эбру, Odessa master class , master class , ebru , drawing on water , drawing water , marbled paper , entertainment for children , recreation, organization of holidays , detsike holidays, corporate , master class on a holiday, show ebru

Master Class “Ebru-patterns on the water”


    Master Class "Ebru-patterns on the water" in Odessa - is a unique and exciting world of drawing ...

клоун в садик одесса



Clown - is the most popular image of the animator at children's parties and more. real image - uniqu...

химическое шоу одесса

“Chemical show” for children


     An experienced professor Ochumelkin will hold the program "Chemical show" for children in Odess...

Мастер классы для детей в Одессе

Master class “Molecular cuisine”


Molecular cuisine is cooking with the help of physical and chemical sciences. (more…)...

Сладкая вата Одесса

Cotton candy and master class


Add sweet and colorful impressions to your holiday. (more…)...

мыльные пузыри, программа для детей в одессе

Theatrical soap bubbles show


     Theatrical soap bubbles show in Odessa - a theater, show, performance and immersion into the st...

Криокухня в Одессе



Under the interesting name of Cryo-Kitchen, there is an exciting chemical show in which all the expe...

Рыцарский турнир, рыцарские бои, состязания рыцарей

Knight Tournament


Knights' tournaments - a large-scale events  which were widely known in the Middle Ages. In our time...

мастер класс по приготовлению коктейлей для детей одесса

Master class for children on preparation of cocktails


Master class for children on preparation of cocktails Master class for children on preparation of c...

Bartender show for children


Bartender show for children Bartender show for children in Odessa - it's fun for a children's party...

дрессированные животные одессе

Magic tricks with animals


     Magic tricks with animals in Odessa is a colorful performance for the kids. (more…)...

огненные пузыри в Одессе

Shaw fiery bubbles


    Innovation in Odessa! Fire bubbles show!!! Fire bubbles show in Odessa is one of the most expens...

холодное сердце заказать



Everyone's favorite program based on the cartoon "Frozen". We present to you not just an animation p...

Life-size puppet show in Odessa


The only dancing life-size characters in Ukraine will decorate your holiday (more…)...

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