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Children’s Entertainers

  Entertainer is an actor dressed in a clown or superhero costume. His aim is to entertain the crowd and make sure nobody is bored.

   Entertains don’t host an event; their objective is to entertain kids with contests and games. But as well as with the host you should discuss the game plan with entertainer beforehand.

   Scenario depends on your desire only. You can throw a conventional party with candies and gifts or organize a themed one with costumes and decorations. Depending on the theme, an entertainer makes up games and contests for kids.

   Better, if actors you invited to your celebration have actors’ degree or/and extensive experience in working with kids.

   In case the entertainer is male, listen to his voice – it shouldn’t be rough and too loud.

   Entertainers who cooperate with our agency have an extensive experience in working with kids and can find an approach to every child at the event.

детские программы одесса

Childrens’ Programs

Article: 405
to be discussed / 1 hour

     To learn more about programs for kids you can here....

Менди Одесса, Мехенди в Одессе, Рисунки хной Одесса, рисунки на теле, боди-арт


250 UAH / 1 picture

     Mehendi in Odessa. (more…)...

Master class for creating magical balls

Article: 1385
400 UAH / 1 person

Master class for creating magical balls in Odessa - a unique artistic experience for your children. ...

аквагрим одесса

Face painting

Article: 15
600 UAH / 1 hour

Face painting is loved by many a great service that allows children to try different interesting ima...



Article: 776
600 UAH / 1 pcs

     Piñata in Odessa – it is a toy empty inside and made of paper-mache or packaging paper with orn...

грим на лицо


Article: 96
600 UAH / 1 person

...Face painting is an art of changing appearance of a person with the help of pains, masks and fals...

клоун в садик одесса


Article: 103
700 UAH / 1 hour

Clown - is the most popular image of the animator at children's parties and more. real image - uniqu...

ростовые куклы, сказочные герои одесса

Life-size puppets

Article: 811
800 UAH / 30 minutes

     Life-size puppets in Odessa - is your favorite fairy-tale characters on a holiday for your baby...

детская программа черепашки ниндзя одесса

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Article: 869
1200 UAH / 45 minutes

     Heroes Ninja Turtles in Odessa live deep under the ground and fight the evil forces, allowing c...

Сухой бассейн

Dry pool

Article: 508
1200 UAH / 3 hours

Rental Dry pool in Odessa will help make children's holiday unique and unforgettable. (more&hell...

детский спекль

A Stage Play for children

1400 UAH / 45 minutes

      A Stage Play for children in Odessa is a fairytale that teaches and entertains at the same tim...

аниматор одесса


Article: 102
1500 UAH / 1 hour / 1 person

     Experienced, creative, cheerful and loving children entertainers in Odessa will find activities...

программа для детей, детский праздник одесса

Luntik to the birthday party

Article: 645
1500 UAH / 1 hour

     Luntik - one of the most beloved characters among children. Along with his friends, the cartoon...

Хулиганская вечеринка для детей

Hooligan party

Article: 915
1500 UAH / 1 hour

...Hooligan party in Odessa is a program for children aged from 8 to 12 years. (more…)...

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Master Class “Ebru-patterns on the water”

Article: 1287
1500 UAH / 1 hour

    Master Class "Ebru-patterns on the water" in Odessa - is a unique and exciting world of drawing ...

New Year Soap Bubbles

Article: 696
1500 грн / 30 minutes

    Santa and his granddaughter Snow Maiden will present Christmas bubbles in Odessa to kids. (more&...

Кукольный спектакль Одесса

The puppet show

Article: 1106
1500 UAH / 30 min

     The puppet show in Odessa – is a performance for children. They will be able not only to see an...

Мобильный робот в Одессе

Mobile robot

Article: 976
2000 UAH / 1 hour

...Mobile robot in Odessa can help you to meet the guests at the event, to interest customers during...

мастер класс, восковые ручки, восковые ручки одесса, воск, подделки воск, ручки и воск, организация мастер классов, организация мероприятий, детский праздник, детсоке шоу, интерактивное шоу, агентство переполох, master class , wax pen , wax pen Odessa , wax, fake wax, pens and wax , the organization of master classes , organizing events, children's parties , detsoke shows, interactive show

Master class “Wax pens” in Odessa

Article: 1288
2300 UAH / 1 hour

Master class "Wax pens" in Odessa - is the ability to diversify your holiday and to plunge into the ...

мыльные пузыри, программа для детей в одессе

Theatrical soap bubbles show

Article: 65
2500 UAH / 30 min

     Theatrical soap bubbles show in Odessa - a theater, show, performance and immersion into the st...

химическое шоу одесса

“Chemical show” for children

Article: 1097
2500 UAH / 45 minutes

     An experienced professor Ochumelkin will hold the program "Chemical show" for children in Odess...

мыльные пузыри одесса

The magic bubble show

Article: 65
2600 UAH / 30 minutes

Bubble show in Odessa - is a performance that is loved by both children and adults! The program is g...

Bartender show for children

Article: 1043
3000 UAH / 1 show

     Bartender show for children in Odessa - it's fun for a children's party, during which children ...

водное поло, ватерполо, спорт одесса, спорт ватерполо

Workshop on water polo in Odessa

Article: 1270
3000 UAH / 3 hours

     Workshop on water polo in Odessa - a unique opportunity to develop their swimming skills, train...

мастер класс по приготовлению коктейлей для детей одесса

Master class for children on preparation of cocktails

Article: 1103
3500 UAH / 45 min

     Master class for children on preparation of cocktails in Odessa. (more…)...

Рыцарский турнир, рыцарские бои, состязания рыцарей

Knight Tournament

Article: 1253
4000 UAH / 1 hour

.....Knights' tournaments - a large-scale events  which were widely known in the Middle Ages. In our...

дрессированные животные одессе

Magic tricks with animals

Article: 182
5000 UAH / 1 hour

     Magic tricks with animals in Odessa is a colorful performance for the kids. (more…)...

огненные пузыри в Одессе

Shaw fiery bubbles


    Innovation in Odessa! Fire bubbles show!!! Fire bubbles show in Odessa is one of the most expens...

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