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Every single day is good day for kids. They can be delighted with non-important small news and that’s why a bright celebration sticks to their memory for a long time.

On the way you organize every single detail depend not only the impression and quality of celebration, but the safety for kids first of all.

There are two ways to throw a Kids’ Party:

- Organize everything yourself;

- Ask an event management company for help.

If you are more likely to stick to the second option, don’t hesitate to contact our company. Our team takes into account all of your requests and interests of your child working on the conceptual foundation and organization of the event. We won’t miss a thing!

Just fill a short order and our managers will call you back in a split second to discuss the details. Our phone lines are open for your calls as well. Our contacts are here.

If you stick to the option number one, read the article below carefully.


If you are tired of household chores before and after the celebration, the best solution for that is to arrange party at the restaurant, café or at the children's activity center. Watch closely the location you have chosen: it shouldn’t have sharp angles, expensive vases, slippery floor, steps or hidden door sills. Check the garden also! It should have fence and be far enough from traffic area. The perfect places for this kind of party are specialized café for kids with a playground.

After the venue is chosen, be concerned about its decoration.




As a general rule, the younger your child is, the earlier celebration starts and comes to an end. Therefore, the older your child is, the later it starts. Just remember – kids get bored and tired really fast, that’s why the same routine will not please them for a long time! Any activity for kids should change every 15 minutes.








Use a helpful scheme: the age of your child +/- one = the number of guests. For example, your child is 5 y.o., so the best number of guest to invite for the party is 4-6 people. Of course you can invite as many guests as you want, but remember, kids can be distracted easily.






A game plan should be based on your child’s interests and hobbies. Active games as well as games of skill should be included to the scenario. Don’t ignore such activities as narration of a poem or singing together.

If a scenario includes contest games, make sure you bought gifts. It is better if all kids get presents not only the winners.





Despite the event type, it is always hard to find a good host. To find a host to the Kids’ Party is a double trouble. Chose the host on the basis of good feedback comments.

Important questions to ask during the meeting in-person:

- Does he love kids?

- Does he have kids?

- Does he like his job?

- Does he know popular present-day cartoons and superheroes?

- Discuss the clothing, its condition and detailed scenario.

In case you have chosen a man host, listen to his voice, tune and intonation, - rough, loud and with lots of bass voice can scare kids.

You can also ask our company for help! We cooperate with many hosts you can trust.



Quest is an intellectual kind of game to play out, aimed at finding hidden objects and performing tasks. Kids will have to find Pirate’s treasure, investigate a disappearance of Pandorra box and many other interesting tasks.

It is recommended not to make a long quest, kids get bored very fast. The best timing - an hour. Number of participants varies from 2 to 25-30 people.





Entertainer is an actor dressed in a clown or superhero costume. His aim is to entertain the crowd and make sure nobody is bored.

Don’t confuse an entertainer with a host! In case you won’t invite many people and you don’t want to draw up an intense program, an entertainer is the best thing for you.

Entertains don’t host an event; their objective is to entertain kids with contests and games. But as well as with the host you should discuss the game plan with entertainer beforehand.






Clown and mime’s performance can add spice to the event. But it can be not so easy to find a good clown as it seems at the first sight. Before ordering a clown, make sure your child doesn’t have a coulrophobia (fear of clowns). Also pay attention:

- Actor should have an actor’s degree;

- Actor’s age should be 25-35 years. Young artists have energy and lack of experience and elder artists visa versa;

- Clown should be able to feel kids’ mood swings and keep their attention all the time;

- Clown should use an individual approach working with a client.

- Actor should be able to get on the right side of troublesome child and earn a reputation.

A really good clown is always kind and sincere. You are lucky if your clown can sing, play musical instruments, show tricks, do balloon twisting and face painting.



Magician’s performance is a passive kind of entertainment. Recommended time of performance is not more than 40 minutes. You can include a master class on how to show tricks into a program.






Soap bubbles are always a joy! Soap bubbles show is an unforgettable spectacle what will bring a delight to your guests. Artists can show many tricks and figures to the audience, for example: bubble inside of a bubble, smoke bubble, huge bubbles and a person inside of a bubble.

Duration of the show: 30-40 minutes. Artists can wear any costume.





A performance of the trained animals is an impressive show for kids and for parents as well. We can offer you such animals as: cats, dogs, mice, snakes, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pigeons and many others.






Plays impress young audience and arouse their feelings of nobility, loyalty, compassion and fairness.

Play is a passive kind of entertainment as well. We can offer you a play/puppet play for any age and on any subject.






Professional painters can turn your baby into any possible fabulous hero. Your kids have also a chance to paint each other. All paints are harmless because it is made on water basis.

An artist can ornament 8-10 faces in an hour.








Photographer and videographer are essential at Children’s Party to capture every single moment of the celebration. Better to take your child on the first meeting in person to understand if an artist can deal with kids. Watch photographer and videographer’s works paying close attention to one with kids of the same age as yours. Discuss a type of editing with videographer. It can be:

- Rapid cuts (3-5 min);

- Film editing (20 min, 60 min, 90 min and more);

- No editing at all

Professional photographer and videographer won’t miss a single moment and make editing work of high quality.

We are happy if this article was useful to you! The event planners of our event management company “Perepoloch” in Odessa city are happy to provide any service for the Children’s Party arrangements of any possible scale. Our creative team takes into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event.

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