Children’s Programs

There are many ways to entertain kids at the children’s party! One of them is an entertaining programm. A program for kids is going to be an unforgettable event, which will make children experience bright emotions at the celebration.

A program is a made up and written scenario in accordance with the theme of the event. It should be made up depending of the size of the room and discussed with you unconditionally.

Entertaining programms can be devided into:

  • Themed Party (e.g. jeans, bad boys, pirate,  hipsters parties and many other);
  • Scientific show (physican and chemical experiments);
  • Programm with fairy-tale characters (Baba Yaga, Masha and the Bear, Winx fairies, Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Snow White, Cinderella and other);
  • Program based on the beloved cartoon series and movies.
  • Christmas program.

There are two main types of the entartaining programms for kids:

  • Active (games, quests, master-classes, contests);
  • Passive (plays, tours, programs with an emphasis on quizzes and puzzles).

It is recommended not to make a programm too long, kids get bored very fast. The best timing for kids up to 10 years – 35-45 min. For the kids older than 10 y.o. the programm  can be prolonged up to 60 min. Number of participants varies from 2 to 70 people and even more.

Depending on the number of invited children on a holiday, the number of actors varies as well. Also, the number of actors depends on the cosumes they have to work in. For example, an entertainer can include in the game process and motivate 15-17 children, but if he needs to work inside of a puppet (Ninja Turtles costume, for example), it is better to invite 2 animation at the holiday for the same number of children, because the review and free movement dramatically reduces.

Now, it is difficult to find a program without musical accompaniment and props. Almost all of the creative group of actors come on holiday with luggage props for games and symbolic rewarding of the participants. Also, virtually all children's animators have their own set of sound equipment. Minimal set consists of: speakers, laptop, microphones.

Make sure the administarion of the premisses knows that you are going to use music background.


День Рождения Лады – 8 лет!


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian....

Fire show


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian....

Отзывы клиентов Ивент-Агентства “Переполох”


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian....

Оптимус прайм заказать



Transformers Show in Odessa is a legendary show game in search of the last chance to save the Eart...

Праздник в PartyBus


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian....

Куклы Одесса

Puppet show


Show, where the protagonists are dolls, will transfer your children to an interesting fairy tale. (m...




     Piñata in Odessa – it is a toy empty inside and made of paper-mache or packaging paper with orn...

Disney Princess


Children's Disney Princess program will transfer young beauties in the extraordinary world where fai...

программа с участием фей. программы для девочек одесса

In a fairy world


   Children's program featuring fairies - a program full of magic. (more…)...

Angry Birds programme


.Angry Birds - the world-famous computer game, in which the motives were even filmed a feature film ...

School of Super Heroes


Children's program Superheroes in Odessa is a unique school for the real heroes! (more…)...

детские программы, детский праздник в одессе

Be a Superstar


      Interactive program for kids over 6 years.       An entertainer offers different creative tas...

Мафия Одесса

Mafia Party (10-15 y.o.)


     Arrange a real gangster party – mafia party in Odessa (for kids 10-15 y.o.) (more…)...

футбольная эстафета в Одессе, детская футбольная эстафета, футбольная вечеринка Одесса, футбольная эстафета в парке Шевченко, эстафета для детей Одесса, футбольная викторина, футбольное поздравление в Одессе, футбольная программа в Одессе, футбольная анимация в Одессе, футбольная викторина для детей, сценарий футбольной вечеринки

Football Party


Sport party - a program in which your children will feel like real football players, hockey players,...

гавайская вечеринка для детей в Одессе, гавайский праздник для детей

Hawaiian party


Party in Hawaiian style at a children's party is a real extravaganza of bright colors and melodies, ...

пиратская программа для детей одесса

Games with Pirates


Children's program of Treasure Island in Odessa sovmeshaet a disorderly conduct and discipline, beca...

Криокухня в Одессе



Under the interesting name of Cryo-Kitchen, there is an exciting chemical show in which all the expe...

детские программы, детский день рождения одесса

Military party


Military party is a great option for active children 8-13 years old, which is very difficult to sit ...

пиратский квест в Одессе, пиратский квест в Одессе, пиратский квест для детей

Pirate Quest (6-13 years)


     Pirate Quest for children in Odessa is conducted by Jack Sparrow himself! Pirate tells kids  se...

Хулиганская вечеринка для детей

Hooligan party


Hooligan party The hooligan party is a program for children from 8 to 12 years old. During the holi...

холодное сердце заказать



Everyone's favorite program based on the cartoon "Frozen". We present to you not just an animation p...

Life-size puppet show in Odessa


The only dancing life-size characters in Ukraine will decorate your holiday (more…)...

Assault quest for children “In search of Madagascar”


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Child Assault Quest “Star Wars”


Star Wars is a legend born on the border of two epochs. For many years, it penetrates into the heart...

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