Magicians. Illusionists


A magician is an artist who makes various tricks that delude people around. A big part of your guests won’t forget the magic and wizardry they have seen at your wedding.

     There are 3 main types of magician’s work:

  • micro-magic – magician works in front of a small crowd with things he can keep in hands only: cards, coins, matches, loaded dice, ropes;
  • stand up – magician works in front of the big crowd with some stage props;
  • illusion – magician works in the special hall with equipment.

     Magicians to the Children’s Party.

     Magician’s performance is a passive kind of entertainment. Recommended time of performance is not more than 40 minutes. You can include a master class on how to show tricks into a program.

     Our company offers the best magicians and illusionists who can show many spectacular tricks  when organizing for the holidays in Odessa.

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