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    Photographer and videographer are essential at the Party to capture every single moment of the evening. Distinctive aspects of a good photographer/videographer:

  • He has a portfolio;
  • Good feedback comments from other clients;
  • He has a studio and personal website.
  • Discuss a type of editing with videographer. It can be:
  • Rapid cuts (3-5 min);
  • Film editing (20 min, 60 min, 90 min and more);
  • No editing at all.

     If you are trying to find artists to the children’s party, it is better to take your child on the first meeting in person to understand if an artist can deal with kids. Watch photographer and videographer’s works paying close attention to one with kids of the same age as yours.

     Photographers and videographers who cooperate with our event company are notable for their long-term experience and creative approach to their work.

Бесплатный фотограф в Одессе

Free photoghapher

Article: 540
0 UAH / 6 hours

...Free photographer in Odessa is a unique offer for your event. Professional photographer will take...

подставное интервью

Festive missione: colloquium cum substitutionem

Article: 1351
varies / 1 videoclip

Each holiday is unique. One of the funniest moments, which the experts event agencies "Tumult" offer...

проморолик, промо ролик, промо-ролик в одессе

Promo video

Article: 887
varies / 5 min

     To shoot a promo video in Odessa - it's a good opportunity to attract consumers' attention to t...

фотосессия одесса

Place for the photoshoot in Odessa

Article: 67
to be discussed / 1 hour

Finally decided on a long-awaited professional photo session and do not know where to arrange a shoo...

Video invitation to the wedding

Article: 1065
varies / 1 video

     Video invitation to the wedding - is a unique service in Odessa, which will help you to impress...

печать фото одесса

Instant Photo

Article: 339
25 UAH / 1 pcs.

     Instant Photo service in Odessa  allows guests to come home with memorable souvenir. (more&hell...

Реквизит для фотосессии, Одесса

Photo session props

Article: 969
50 UAH / 1 accessory

...Photo session props in Odessa it is a bright addition to your photo shoot. Accessories revive you...

фотокнига, свадебное фото, свадебный фтограф


Article: 767
200 UAH / 1 pcs.

A photo-book in Odessa is a book in which photographs make a significant contribution to the overall...

детский фотограф Одесса, детский фотограф в Одессе, фотосессия с ребенком в одессе

Children photographer

Article: 1280
500 UAH / 1 hour

Children's photography is very different from the usual photo shooting with adults. It is much more ...

фотограф на свадьбу одесса

Photographer to your event

Article: 68
700 UAH / 1 hour

     Photographer in Odessa is one of the main components of any celebration. (more…)...

фотограф, фотограф на свадьбу, одесса

Candid shot

Article: 422
700 UAH / 1 hour

     The essence of the Candid shot is the ability to "catch" a moment, choose a good shooting angle...

Профессиональная фотосессия Одесса

Professional photosession

Article: 926
1100 UAH / 1 image

...Professional photosession in Odessa can be done in a special studio, outdoors, at home and anywhe...

Видеоролик из фото, Одесса

Video clip made of photos

Article: 340
1500 UAH / 1 videoclip

...Video clip made of photos is a service in Odessa, thanks to which you will have slide show of you...

средневековое фотоателье

Medieval studio

Article: 1255
1500 UAH / 1 hour

.....Medieval studio in Odessa are the brightly stylized photozones in medieval, fantasy style on de...

аэросъемка Одесса

Aerial survey

Article: 1114
2000 UAH / 1 raise

     Aerial survey in Odessa - is a unique service that allows you to see any event with unexpected ...

Фотосессия на лошадях

Photoshoot on horse

Article: 728
2100 UAH / 1 hour

...Photoshoot on horse in Odessa is an opportunity to relax on the Odessa coast, to spend time with ...

Монтаж видео Одесса

Video editing

Article: 979
2500 UAH / 1 clip

...Video editing in Odessa is a service of making beautiful movie from amateur video. (more…)...

Love story в Одессе

Love story photoshoot

Article: 66
3000 UAH / 3 hours

...Love story photoshoot in Odessa is a story of couple’s love told in photos. (more…)...

Воздушная фото-видео съемка в Одессе

Aerial photo and video shooting

Article: 961
3600 UAH / basic package

     One of the new services in Odessa is an air photo and video shooting. Assumes successful presen...

Заказать фотомагниты в Одессе

Photo Magnets

Article: 916
3800 UAH / 50 pcs.

...Photo magnets in Odessa is a service with the help of which you can make souvenirs for your guest...

Свадебная фотосессия Одесса

Wedding photosession

Article: 927
6000 UAH / 5 hours

...Wedding photosession in Odessa is an opportunity to capture your important event in the studio, o...

Фотосессия под водой, Одесса

Photosession under water

Article: 456
7000 UAH / 1 photosession

...If you want to add unusual photos to your album, we can offer you Photosession under water in Ode...

Мгновенная фотография Одесса

Instant photo from Instagram

Article: 970
9000 UAH / 4 hours

...Instant photo from Instagram at your event in Odessa will allow you to print your photos immediat...

Многокамерная видеосъемка Одесса

The multiple camera shoot

Article: 686
10000 UAH / 3 hours

...The multiple camera shoot in Odessa is a great offer for those who want to get a professional vid...

Видеооператор, заказать в Одессе


Article: 342
10500 UAH / 6 hours

...Cameraman in Odessa will shoot all your important events: weddings, birthdays, corporate parties,...

Фотограф на свадьбу, Одесса

Wedding photographer

Article: 1000
11700 UAH / 13 hours

...Wedding photographer from Odessa will make memorable pictures of your celebration and capture the...

видео фото на свадьбу одесса

Wedding videography

Article: 342
13000 UAH / 6 hours

  Wedding videography in Odessa - a digital memory of an important event in the life of the dynamics...


Slow Motion

Article: 1289
15000 UAH / 1 video clip

Slow video Slow Motion - it is an opportunity in slow motion demonstrate the plasticity and beauty o...

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Article: 777
1000000 ;-) / 1 consultation

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