It is not easy to make your employees work efficiently and together as one team. Everybody has different nature and life experience.

     Everybody see their professional life in different ways, therefore everybody has different responsibility.

     Teambuilding activities set objectives:

  • Create a business team;
  • Increase staff loyalty to the company and to each other;
  • Increase efficiency of labor;
  • Introduce innovations;
  • Form corporate ethics.

     Teambuilding activities are essential to decrease level of employee turnover and conflicts inside of the staff members.

     You can arrange such activities either outdoors, or in the office, or at rent premises.

     Our agency specializes not only on teambuilding activities but on corporate events and parties as well.

     We can offer:

  • quest;
  • ropes course;
  • paintball;
  • kayaking;
  • rafting;
  • laser fights and many more.

командообразование в Одессе, тимбилдинг, квесты для взрослых

Teambuilding programme “Treasure Hunt”


     Teambuilding programme "Treasure Hunt" in Odessa - the perfect choice for a joint recreation st...

интеллектуальный турнир в Одессе, тимбилдинг Одесса

“Intelligent tournament” in Odessa


     Teambuilding Programme "Intelligent tournament" in Odessa - a set of interesting assignments on...

квест, активный отдых, пираты, одесса

Quest “Pirates Adventures”


     Have a new experience having ordered quest “Pirates Adventures”. (more…)...

Culinary Battle is cooking different cuisines


Culinary Battle is cooking different cuisines. (more…)...

Квесты в Одессе

Quest TV show


Quest TV show most suitable, active and creative staff. The event is designed to identify talent in ...

шпионский квест для взрослых

Spy quest


Spy theme is recognized as a classic quest genre. And it makes sense, because spyware is a multi-fun...

квесты, активные игры, тренинги в одессе

Foot Quest


     Foot quest in Odessa is a quest with different kinds of tasks that imply team play for winn...

Чисто одесский квест

Purely Odessa Quest


Purely Odessa Quest - is a magnificent VIP class adventure for a small wealthy company. Game details...

Training “The amazing Race”


     The main approach of the game is the same to TV program. The winning team is the one that shows...

Водное шоу, Одесса

Water fights


Water show in Odessa - is an entertainment program for summer holiday. Virtually unlimited number of...

треннинг, квест, активные игры в одессе

Training exercises “Rainbow castle”


     It is a perfect training in Odessa for corporate party. This training raises desire to cooperat...

Тренинг «Миссия будет выполнена» Одесса

Training “Mission will be fulfilled”


To date, training has become a key to the success of many people around the world. (more…)...

Auto Quest


     The main difference between foot and auto quest is that players get to the new locations by the...

трениги, игры, квесты в одессе

Training exercise “To fight Boundaries”


     Description: players complete the tasks noting the time. All players have the same route and wa...

Water teambuilding


     Water teambuilding in Odessa will allow to rest and to gain strength and positive emotions. (mo...

тренинги, игры, квесты

Training exercises “Fort conquest”


    You will need to complete sport, intellectual tasks, do puzzles, and seek for cues. Training “Fo...

Тимбилдинг в Одессе

Assault teambuilding


Assault teambuilding - is an incredible adventure that will certainly need to try! Unlike traditiona...

тренинг, квест, тимбилдинг, игры в одессе

Training exercise “Natural powers”


     Participants of the training exercise “Conquest of natural powers” in Odessa will need to fight...

тимбилдинг, командообразование одесса

V.I.P. Quest


      V.I.P. Quest in Odessa is an exciting adventure for group of friends or colleagues. Quest will...

Escape room Odessa

Escape room


Escape room Odessa - completely new type of leisure activities for small groups of people. Your team...

Барабанный круг в Одессе

Interactive program “Drum Circle”


Drum circle - is an interactive program where in a one where in a single game together people play m...

веревочный парк Одесса, активный отдых Одесса, развлечения Одесса, развлечение на день рождения, программа на день рождения, активный отдых Одесса, rope park Odessa , leisure Odessa, Odessa entertainment , fun birthday , birthday software , active Odessa,

Ropes Park


Interesting format adventures await you in the rope park. This is a whole entertainment complex with...

квесты в Одессе

Mobile quest rooms


History Recently, more and more popular is gaining this kind of active leisure, as quest rooms. Few...

тимбилдинг 12

Training “Battle”


Training "Battle" Training on the choice of the optimal strategy. Teams receive all tasks at once. ...

Лабиринт с препятсвиями в лесу

The rope course


The rope course Rope course with quest items -  active form of entertainment that will appeal to ad...

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