Restaurants. Camps. Locations

    To find a good venue for a celebration takes much time. You need take into consideration many aspects, such as: location, capacity, cuisine, menu, service, approach to the area, parking, additional services.

     Let us consider the key points while choosing a banquet hall for your celebration in more detail.

  • Gather general information about the hall online, read reviews.
  • Spaciousness. Your guests should feel comfortable inside of the hall. Often owners tell a maximum number of people who can fit in the room to keep the customer. But the truth is that you will have to abandon the bright shows and dance till the morning due to the lack of free space.
  • Shape of the hall. The best option – square or rectangular shape without columns or other bulky items decor for best visibility.
  • Discuss the menu and the price per person. Find out whether you can bring your own alcohol or not.
  • Find out what is included in the price. Surcharge may be taken for: cleaning, maintenance, hall rental, equipment rental, hall decoration, etc.
  • Do not forget to find out how long you will be able to celebrate.
  • Arrange the optimum amount waiters serving your banquet.
  • Can you invite artists to entertaining part or the hall works only with their own artists?
  • Is there chance rooms in the builds for the actors??
  • Inspect the entrance to the building of the banquet hall. Will the limousine be able to turn round and how many places there in the parking lot?
  • Make general conclusions about the management of the restaurant after your communication.

     How much time it can take to view all locations you like? Not a day or two for sure.

     To save your time and force, contact our event management company and we will help you to choose and rent venue for a wedding, corporate party, birthday party and any other event.

    In case you are tired of urban life, it is possible to organize everything on the resort far away from the city. And you won’t have to leave the city many times to see all possible locations. We will do it for you!

     We can provide you with all necessary information about the locations you like and also suggest you on other locations you might like as well.

Конный клуб Стетсон 9

Equestrian club “Stetson”


The first in Odessa equestrian club Equestrian club located in the oasis of the park zone of the ci...

Art Cafe and coworking in the heart of the city


In the old city with amazing architecture situated very sincere art cafe in Odessa and the largest c...

дунай, охота, отдых

Hunting on the Danube riverside


     Hunting on the Danube riverside – it is a change to have a rest and feel close to nature. Cotta...

Аренда крыши в Одессе

Renting of the roof


Renting of the roof in Odessa – is an original way of celebration different events. You will feel th...

Эко-отель в Одессе



Eco-hotel in Odessa offers comfortable hotel rooms for the guests and invites to relax on the beach....


Odessa hotel


At the heart of the city the hotel is located, where you can enjoy comfort in the beautiful rooms wi...

банкетные залы на свадьбу в Одессе

Banquet halls for a wedding in Odessa


When the bride and groom are starting to plan a wedding, they start to think about the venue of the ...

место для свадьбы в Одессе

The perfect place for a wedding


The newlyweds always wish to find the perfect place for a wedding. Some choose the closed space in t...

ресторан в центре Одессы, конференц зал Одесса, банкетный зал Одесса

Hotel near the Opera House


Historic hotel in the city center, in close proximity to the most famous sights of Odessa. (more&he...

стильный ресторан в Одессе, Банкетный ресторан Одесса, ресторан для проведения торжества в Одессе, банкетный зал в Одессе, ресторан в сердце Одессы, средиземноморский ресторан в Одессе, ресторан в центре Одессы, новый ресторан в Одессе

Банкетный ресторан в центре Одессы


The newly opened banquet restaurant on the basis of one of presentable hotels in Odessa invites you ...

отель дельфин

Hotel on the Black Sea coast


Hotel is located on the Black Sea coast in the southern part of the resort Koblevo. The residential ...

выездная роспись под ключ 14

Event Spaces


Event Spaces When choosing a venue for your event, you need to consider several important nuances: ...

Зал для конференции

Meeting Facilities


Rental of conference rooms in Odessa can help you with accommodation and all sorts of activities, su...


Romantic Cafe


Small and cozy cafe "Zephyr", located in the Primorsky district, near the famous "Victory Park", inv...

Банкетный зал

Sauna in oriental style


Having come to the institution, you will plunge into the fairy tale of the East with its luxury and ...

Ресторанно-гостиничный комплекс в Одессе

Restaurant and hotel in Odessa


Restaurant and hotel complex in the heart of the city is ready to provide inhabitants of Odessa and ...

База отдыха в Коблево

Amusement park in Koblevo


     Amusement park in Koblevo - is a complex of attractions and recreation places, located near the...

Escape room Odessa

Escape room


Escape room Odessa - completely new type of leisure activities for small groups of people. Your team...

Пляжный комплекс Caleton

Beach complex Caleton


Beach complex Caleton A chic beach complex that has twice earned the Blue Flag international award ...

Greek-style restaurant


Greek-style restaurant "Pathos" located in the Kiev district of Odessa. This comfortable place is pe...

Одесское кафе,Одесское кафе бронировать, банкетный зал одесса, кафе одесса

Odessa cafe


Odessa cafe "Fankomi" is located in the city center, in the Primorsky region. You can meet here with...

Загородный комплекс Эколандия

Country Complex


Ecoland Country Complex Ekolandiya located 20 minutes from Odessa in with. Great Dalnik. This compl...

Ресторан в восточном стиле Одесса

Oriental-style restaurant


Oriental-style restaurant "1000 and 1 night"  is a cozy place, which is located in Malinovsky distri...

Ресторан у моря в Одессе

European restaurant near the sea


European restaurant near the sea "Grand Europa" it is an excellent place for holding different event...

Банкетный комплекс в Аркадии

Banquet complex in Arcadia


Banquet complex in Arcadia "Odessa" has four banquet halls anв open summer terrace for various event...

Restaurant on the sand


Restaurant European cuisine "Veranda" is located in Odessa on the very beach, namely on the sand and...

Tavern in Arcadia


     Tavern in Arcadia "Аssol" is an excellent choice for banquet, weddings, corporate and any perso...

Good Zone

Hotel complex Good Zone


Hotel complex Good Zone GoodZone Club is a beach complex with European quality standards. Located i...

Отельный комплекс Эдем

Hotel complex Eden


Hotel complex Eden "Eden" is a recreational complex of three residential buildings and 36 separate ...




Wakepark Wakeboarding is a water sport and a great idea for outdoor activities. This is surfing, sn...

Сеть мини-отелей в Одессе

Mini-hotel group


Mini-hotel group "Geneva" in Odessa offers comfortable accommodation in hotels in different parts of...

Ресторан на 5 станции большого фонтана

Restaurant on the 5th station of the Large Fountain


Restaurant "Watercolor" invites visitors to spend weddings, birthdays, corporate parties. (more&hell...

Ресторан у моря

Restaurant near the sea


Ukrainian and European cuisine restaurant "Khutorok by the Sea" is located in Odessa near the sea - ...

веревочный парк Одесса, активный отдых Одесса, развлечения Одесса, развлечение на день рождения, программа на день рождения, активный отдых Одесса, rope park Odessa , leisure Odessa, Odessa entertainment , fun birthday , birthday software , active Odessa,

Ropes Park


Interesting format adventures await you in the rope park. This is a whole entertainment complex with...

дизайн-отель 14

Design hotel with sea view


Design hotel with sea view An exclusive hotel on the last 2 floors of a high-rise building. (more&...

Отель в Одессе, заказать

Hotel in the resort area


Hotel in the resort area "Gagarinn" of Odessa has 253 rooms of different categories. It invites visi...

Ресторанно-гостиничный комплекс в центре города в Одессе

Restaurant and hotel complex in the city center


Restaurant and hotel complex "Mozart" in the European style in the heart of the city offering its se...

A location for conferences


Recently, in the center of Odessa, there was open a place to your events. Any celebration or confer...

Grand Pettine

Banquet room Grand Pettine


Banquet room Grand Pettine Grand Pettine is a four-star hotel in Odessa, which was built right on t...

база отдыха. комплекс. бугаз

Comfortable vocation outside Odessa


     Comfortable vocation outside Odessa is accommodation and food services camp, situated 50km. fro...



Restaurant-gallery is located in the center of the city, in the Primorsky district. Here you can enj...

Restaurant REEF


Restaurant RIF Restaurant by the sea - the best place to celebrate your most significant dates! The...

база отдыха 2

The recreation center in Zatoka


The recreation center is located on the first line of the Black Sea in the very epicenter of the res...

Private Elling

Hotel complex Privat Elling


Hotel complex Privat Elling Private Elling is one of the best places for relaxation and secluded re...

Ресторанно-гостиничный клуб в Одессе

Restaurant and hotel club


If you are interested in high-quality recreation in the countryside in an eco-style on the banks of ...

Открытая банкетная терасса в Одессе

Restaurant with summer terrace


Restaurant with summer terrace "Maristella Marine Residence" is located right at the shoreline. It o...

отельный комплекс в Одессе

Hotel complex


Hotel complex "Antlantic" in Odessa is a place where you can relax and organize a banquet. (more&hel...

Пляжный комплекс Mafia Rave Terrace

Beach complex Mafia Rave Terrace


Beach complex Mafia Rave Terrace Mafia Rave Terrace is a combination of pleasant atmosphere, comfor...

Вместительный отель возле моря

Hotel by the sea in the centre of Odessa


......Hotel in  Odessa "" - is a cozy complex, the advantage of which is that it is located in the c...

крыша пентхауса

Penthouse roof for romantic meetings


Romantic date on the roof of the penthouse is a great opportunity to dilute the gray routine and hav...


Modern conference hall in Odessa


The new conference hall in Odessa will be a great place for various business or educational events. ...

Свидание под открытым небом Одесса

Romantic date in the open air


Give your significant other an unforgettable experience. A romantic dinner against the backdrop of a...

Мультимедийный центр Одесса

Multimedia center


Multimedia center in Odessa - is an unusual place for exhibitions, corporate events, weddings and ot...

аренда зала Одесса

Rent of conference halls


Lease of conference halls at the hotel on the beach. Feel luxury thanks to the excellent service the...

конф зал1

Rent a conference halls


PR - event - an indicator of the company's image. To it was held at a high level, the atmosphere sho...

Пентхаус в Аркадии

Penthouse in Arcadia


Penthouse in Arcadia For small parties (up to 30 people) in the most fashionable and popular area o...

свидание на стадионе, предложение на стадионе Одесса



Stadium in the heart of Odessa city - a great place for dating, anniversary celebration or a marriag...

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