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There is an opinion that romantic dates should take place at the very beginning of relationship, but it is not true! Love is like a fire - to keep it burning you should throw wood in it. Don’t be afraid to reveal your feelings! There are so many ways to express your sympathy and love, so arrange an unforgettable romantic event for your solemate.

You don’t need to have a special occasion to make your lover happy! All you need your true love and desire to please him/her.

If you want to make arrangements for a date full of bright emotions but due to lack of time and experience you can’t organize everything yourself, contact our event management agency “Perepoloh” in Odessa city and our managers will help you to choose the main idea, things for decoration and any other organizational issue.

Just fill a short order and our wedding managers will call you back in a split second to discuss the details. Our phone lines are open for your calls as well. Our contacts are here.

In case you want to organize everything yourself (it will be more valuable, by the way) read the article below carefully.



Many people think that a date day it is only a Friday night or Saturday. At some point they are right – you can relax, drink a bit and don’t be afraid of being tired next morning.

But you can arrange a romantic surprise on any day at any time; only consider your mate’s availability.



A plan and idea depend on your targets. Here are some examples:

- A romantic day.

Start surprising your dearest in the morning. Plan everything, every step of a romantic day. Morning can start with unexpected delivery of either a gift or an invitation card for a date. Don’t forget to advice your date on a dress code (it can be a casual, sport, cocktail style depending on the activity you made up). In this case, your romantic event is going to consist of several stages.

- Romantic dinner.

Invite your beloved to a romantic dinner under the moon. Notify him or her where and when they should come. To add some spice you can arrange transfer and tell her/him beforehand.

- Surprise date.

The main feature of this kind of date is that your lover has no idea about how the events will turn in the next few hours. But plan everything carefully so your date won’t find a clue or psych out. Not everybody loves to be surprised, so start out from his/her temperament.

- Apologize.

There are so many options how to say “I’m sorry”.

- Write and send a registered letter;

- Arrange a flower delivery: every hour, 3 hours, etc. with any number of flowers. You can fill with flowers all the working or home place.

- Send gifts during the days with massages like “I’m sorry”, “I was wrong”, “Forgive me, please!” “Call me finally”, “I won’t stop till I’m apologized”, etc.;

- Organize flash mob.

Our event planners are happy to help you with any organizational aspect as well as with a choise of actors, entertainers, delivery guys and auto rental.



Imagination has no boundaries! Depending on the time of a day you can arrange:

- A picnic;

- A date on the rooftop;

- On the backyard;

- At the luxe hotel suite;

- On the yacht in the open sea;

- At your place.

A creation of romantic atmosphere is very important for any chosen location, it can be: music, light, gifts, transfer.



Romantic stuff it is small details are needed during the organization. There are no rules or customs how to choose them, just go by your mate’s preferences and interests.

1. Table setting and decoration. You can unfold a tablecloth, set flatware and light candles. You can also care for picnic arrangements with ground cloth and picnic baskets.

2. Transfer. To impress more, you can rent a car with driver for a couple of hours. You can rent: a first class auto, carriage with lackey, retro-car, American truck and BRDM. We will be happy to help you to rent an uncommon transport vehicle.

3. Light. If you want and need light, you can light on the candles. Dimmed light adds romantic flavor. You can use only candles or add pea lights. Aromatic lamp can be a great addition to the atmosphere.

4. Music. Soft, calm and easy music is preferred - lounge, for example. This kind of music won’t bother and distract you. In case the dinner is served outside, order a musician to play any music instrument. You can ask our agency for help to choose a right musician.

5. Gifts. Any gift needs a proper wrapping and words. Take care of words of love for your beloved. Decorate the card and express your feelings. You can use quotes and saying of famous people about love.


Give careful consideration to the menu, because a romantic dinner is supposed to turn into closer “communication” what would be hard in case a food was too heavy. Better to cook different salads and snacks. Portions shouldn’t be big.

Pay attention to aphrodisiacs, such as: seafood, strawberry, banana, honey, vanilla, avocado, dates, peanut, asparagus and celery and other. Better to include vine and champagne into menu. You can also prepare cocktails.

In case you have organized dinned out, employ waitress services.




Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with window serenade or entertainers on the street, or deliver a gift through the window despite the height. Prepare a message or greetings in the bottle, on the billboard, ground, banner, on the office windows or arrange airplane greeting.






Quest is an active form of entertainment for a romantic day. Make up brain, straight and love story history tasks. Every completed task gives a hint, location, and telephone numbers leading to the next task. There is must be a grand prize in the end - it can be you or a key from the place where to find you.

To organize a quest in side of the town you might need a help of your friends or actors. Our event planner will be happy to help you with this task.








In case this date is associated to an important event in your life, invite photo/videographers.

Before the meeting in-person check their works online.

During the meeting in person study their works closely.

Our agency cooperates with many photo and videographers and holds responsibility for the quality of their works.





Dedicate many-colored fireworks to your dearest. Figures and duration depends on your preferences and budget.

Imagination has no boundaries in arranging a romantic date. Plan everything on the basis of your date’s preferences, tastes, interests and timing. You have to be sincere in your desire to make your mate happy, see his/her smile and tears on the eyes. Don’t do it only in case you want to discharge duty or get something in return. Make your truelove happy gratuitously because the happiness of your beloved is the best award for you.

We are happy if this article was useful to you! The event planners of our event agency “Perepoloh” in Odessa city are happy to provide any service to organize a romantic date of any possible scale. Our creative team takes into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event.

Ask questions about an organizational part or about a price range you can here.

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