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There is an opinion that all happy events happen unexpectedly. A prank is going to surprise and impress your friend, relative or whoever you want to remember this day forever.

Prank planning - it is a work that needs a total consideration for its personalization. Be sure your joke won’t offend and harm physical and emotional health.

Managers and event planners of our event management company “Perepoloh” in Odessa city will help and advice on how to arrange prank correctly. Also, we are happy to help you with the full planning and organization of the event.

Just fill a short order and our wedding managers will call you back in a split second to discuss the details. Our phone lines are open for your calls as well. Our contacts are here.

In case you want to make arrangements yourself, read carefully the recommendations below.




Plan depends both on the goals you want to get as the result and place you choose to do it. For example, you want to play prank on your friend, brother/sister then it can be any place you want. In case you want to play prank on a group of people or colleagues, then it can happen at the office or at the club.

You don’t need a special occasion to play prank. The main idea – is to make a surprise and to laugh at the end. Everything should look natural in order not to arouse suspicion. The improvisation should be excluded!

Some ideas:

1. For friends, brothers/sisters.

- Phone prank;

- Flash mob outside;

- Wanted man;

- Strip dance surprise;

- Bikini girls at the car wash;

- Deja vu pranks;

- Carjacking.

2. For group of friends/colleagues.

- Police take over staging;

- Sanitary & Epidemiological Service control staging;

- Arrival of a tax office staging.

To organize an individual joke, ask our agency for help and we will take care of high class organization.



  1.  Health safety.A prank should not harm health of anybody who takes part in a play. Estimate the place where a joke is going to happen, there shouldn’t be fragile stuff and slippery floor/steps.

    Ask about a health condition of a person before making arrangements.

    2. Property safety.

    Any damage to property is going to influence the general mood at the end.

    3. Emotional safety.

    Be sure that a person can handle an emotional pressure before preparations have started. A bad joke can be the reason for friendship come to an end. Important not to offend person, but to make him/her enjoy the outcome. Note all the features of his character.

    Analyze his behavior, how easy he can talk to new people in his life, can he laugh from himself, can he be offended easily, is he emotional?

    Every joke has borders you must not cross!


  1. Decide on the safety place.2. Recall the first idea you had. Make it better! Think how you can play it in wiser way.

    3. Plan. It includes: place, day, time, map (possibly).

    4. Take care of organizational equipment.

    5. Be brave! You have done so much, don’t stop now!

    6. Keep calm. Don’t be nervous or you will give yourself away.

    7. Enjoy and laugh in the end.

    A good joke it is a joke with tears of laughter in the end and when nobody has been offended.

    We are happy if this article was useful to you! The event planners of our event agency “Perepoloh” in Odessa city are happy to provide any service for the Prank arrangements of any possible scale. Our creative team takes into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event.

    Ask questions about an organizational part or about a price range you can here.

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