Fireworks can be an effective final chord of the event.

   The duration and possible combinations depend on your desire and budget. You can order common fireworks as well as pyrotechnic-musical show.

   Safety is very important! In case you want to buy fireworks yourself, please read the following advice:

  • Buy pyrotechnical devices at specialized places;
  • Ask clerk for a code certificate which approves that all devices have been tested;
  • Check code on the package with one in the certificate. In case they differ, refrain from purchase;
  • Read rule book carefully;
  • The package must be hermetical and damage-free;
  • Check its shelf life. Good quality fireworks can stay no longer than 3 years.

   We have many firework compositions, besides you don’t have to think about safety, our professional fireworkers will do it for you.

   Bright and safe fireworks are guaranteed with event management company “Perepoloh” in Odessa city!

салюты и фейерверки

Consumer fireworks show


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Stage flashes and the track of flashes


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Fire letters


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Профессиональная пиротехническая установка

Professional pyrotechnic installation


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пиротехника, салюты, фейерверки в одессе

Pyrotechnic letters


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Fire Show


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салюты и фейерверки

Professional Pyrotechnic Show


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