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Almost every girl starts dreaming to become a bride with all the wedding fuss since childhood, because wedding is one of the most important and memorable events for the lovebirds. But it is not easy to organize a wedding celebration. You need to spend much of your time, power and energy to take every little detail under the consideration.

Aiming to play unforgettable wedding and to avoid any possible mistakes, lovers consider two ways of organization: organization by their own effort or to seek help from professional event planners.

In case you love the second option more, don’t hesitate to make a phone call to our wedding agency! We know how organize your wedding correctly, we know how important this day is for you and we know how hard it is to organize everything by yourself. We are happy to make all your dreams come true, turn all the fairytales you read being a child into reality!

Just fill a short order and our wedding managers will call you back in a split second to discuss the details. Our phone lines are open for your calls as well. Our contacts are here.


What kind of wedding have you dreamed about? Big, noisy wedding with all your relatives and friends? Or maybe it is a small party for the dearest people? Anyway, consider all pros and cons of a big/small wedding. For example small wedding (from 20 to 40 quests) is good for its ability to give a proper attention and entertainment to everyone. You are surrounded by family members and close ones. The host can easily connect with small number of people. At the same time, the celebration can be boring if there are few active people (what is almost impossible in case of a big wedding).

The venue choice depends on your budget and the number of guests invited to your wedding..




The most popular venues to play the wedding in Ukraine are a restaurant and a banquet hall. A civil ceremony outdoors is becoming more popular in our country lately. You need to choose the venue for this kind of ceremony as well, it can be any place on earth or even under the water. The most important aspects for choosing the venue are its location, seating capacity, cuisine specifics and price, the number of parking lots.

If you want to arrange unusual and non-traditional wedding you can organize theme wedding outside, out at sea, on the beach and in the mountains.

When you decided on the venue think about its decoration. It includes decoration of the interior, exterior and additional stuff for traditions and customs.

Everything depends on your desire! In our turn, we share our imagination, use creative and individual approaches working with every single couple that contacted our wedding agency.

Also, you can study the list of the best restaurants we work together with in Odessa city on our website.



Usually, people divide the wedding ceremony of the first day into parts:

- A custom of purchasing a wife (less than an hour);

- Civil ceremony (30 minutes);

- Photoshoot after a civil ceremony (three hours approximately);

- Banquet (5-7 hours);

- Possible prolongation till dawn.

It is recommended to make the second day of celebration shorter and not so active because your guests might be tired and have to do their chores.



The first impression depends upon right choice of elements. These include: a wedding dress, wedding veil, tuxedo, wedding rings; invitation cards design, bouquet design, limousine decoration. We are happy to help you to make a right choice.






It is probably the most moving part of the event. A dance direction can become a real trouble for a non-professional. That’s why better to ask a professional choreographer for help and find time for rehearsals.







Who sets the tone of the evening? Who arranges guests and artists? Who can easily smooth a conflict? All this and even more can do a professional host! Together you can decide on wedding scenario, choose contest games and gifts for guests. Please, give careful considerations to the views expressed here because a wedding host is the heart and the soul of the party.

In case there is no professional host among people you know, let’s see how to choose the host yourself.

1. Questions to ask when you meet a host in person:

- Activity duration (limited activity or until the last guest leaves);

- Wedding scenario and contest games;

- The amount of an advanced payment;

- When to make an order;

- Cooperation with musicians and DJs;

- Transfer payment.

2. Special recommendations.

- Watch the online video and estimate host’s work and potential.

- A good host must have: a good diction, charisma, charm and be a great talker. Notice how easy he can make himself clear. A good host has a good sense of humor, great communication skills and can act offhand.

- A host should write a scenario based on your desire and should not offer clichéd variant.



Distinctive aspects of a good photographer/videographer:

- He has a portfolio;

- Feedback comments from other clients;

- He has a studio and personal website.




Musicians play an important part in mood regulation. Only musicians can change a music style anytime, highlight key points, inflame the audience and make people empathize with things around.

But what is better: a live band or a DJ? To understand the difference between them, read clauses below.

1. Live band

What can be better than a live band? Any record can not express the feelings better than a live band. Take into account:

- Group members. Do you prefer female or male vocal? Do you like only saxophone or want to hear all the pipes? Remember the smallest band consists of a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and a drummer. The fee changes with every new musical instrument.

2. DJ

A DJ is in charge of recorded background music and cooperates closely with the host. Also, a good DJ can play for the dance parts of the evening. Pay attention to detail:

- Experience. Has he ever worked for a big audience?

- How big is his record library and how fast can he change the style.

- What additional technical equipment does he need?

Don’t forget to check his personal website and watch his videos online.



Show is an entertaining part (play) of an event during which the reproduction of the ideas by means of dramatic characters to audience takes place. The entertainment part can lift the spirits, give an ultimate experience and add some spice to the evening.

Here is the list of the most popular shows:

- Dance show;

- Bartender show;

- Acrobatic show;

- Parody show;

- Clown show.



A magician is an artist who makes various tricks that delude people around. A big part of your guests won’t forget the magic and wizardry they have seen at your wedding.

We can offer:

- Sand animation;

- Magic show with animals;

- Acrobatic show;

- Illusionists’ show, etc.



Have you ever imagined your favorite celebrity to perform specially for you? There is nothing impossible! The performance of a popular singer is going to impress your guests and stay in everybody’s memory for a long time. We are happy to help you to invite any celebrity you want!






The festive fireworks and paper lantern is a beautiful final chord of the wedding celebration. The duration, figures and compositions of the fireworks depend on your desire and budget.

Ask question about wedding organization or about a price range you can here.

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We offer different scenarios
Traditional wedding
Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Traditional wedding

A traditional wedding is a grand event filled with beautiful, special moments that will surely remain in the memory not only of the newlyweds, but also of all the guests. There are ceremonies especially important for newlyweds, their parents, wedding guests.

Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Themed wedding

A theme wedding is an opportunity to create a special, exceptional atmosphere that will remain in the memory for a long time for your guests. If you want to be distinguished by originality, to make your wedding unusual, beautiful and fun, then you should pay special attention to themed weddings.

Themed wedding
Wedding in an unusual location
Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Wedding in an unusual location

Celebrating a wedding at the nature will be the most original and memorable decision. An outdoor wedding has numerous advantages over celebrating your wedding day in stuffy city cafes or restaurants - fresh air, unique beauty of nature and a relaxed holiday atmosphere are the main advantages of such a wedding.

Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Wedding abroad

More and more couples choose to celebrate the most important event of their lives abroad. The main reason for this is to have a truly unusual, original and memorable wedding. Playing a luxurious wedding abroad is not a fairy tale, but a very real thing.

Wedding abroad
Wedding in the traditions of other nations
Organization and carrying out a complex of services

Wedding in the traditions of other nations

Our world is rapidly changing, fashion trends are born and disappear in it, but something remains constant - national traditions, holidays and rituals. Many nations have unique wedding traditions, which they cherish and pass on from generation to generation.

Why are we trusted
Team of professionals
In our view, a perfect celebration is when the result exceeds any expectations of our clients. We have combined many years of experience, knowledge, talent and professionalism and we are confident in our knowledge and capabilities.
Time saving
We provide an opportunity to enjoy every wonderful moment of the holiday, and we ourselves take on all the organizational chores. The fairy tale comes true.
Honesty towards clients and partners is one of our main principles. We act strictly within the framework of the contract, and calculations and estimates are completely transparent. Sincerity inspires trust, which we back up with our professionalism.
We organize turnkey weddings
We are responsible for the entire process of organizing a wedding: from choosing or building a site to saying bye to the last guest. At the holiday, everyone is busy with their own business, solving the problems of your project. We do not create problems, we solve them!
A unique concept for every celebration
We listen to your wishes and create what suits you best. We bring to life people`s ideas of a perfect celebration or create an absolutely exclusive style. Your dreams and needs are our inspiration!
High level of services and performers
We have an increased requirement for service providers, this gives you confidence in a decent result. We give our best and worry about every detail. We are united by love for what we do and respect for the wishes of our clients.
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Perepoloh — is a creative union of professionals with common values ​​and a vision of the perfect party celebration. We want every day of preparation and, of course, the х-day еo be filled with your feelings, emotions, stories close to you in spirit.

From the first contact we try to understand you: what is important to you, what you are interested in, what you are used to, what may surprise and delight you. It is this approach that allowed us to bring the organization of holidays to a new level, and you to get in our person an assistant who understands your desires better than others.

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