Cakes and Desserts

  Do you want impress your dearest with a special gift? Or maybe you want to impress guests on your wedding? Cakes and deserts are delicious and unique final chord of the evening.

   It is possible to create the design and order a cake in accordance with it.

   Our agency can offer:

  • customized order;
  • baskets of fruit;
  • fruit arrangement;
  • chocolate fountain;
  • customized pastry.

   In case you want to order a cake at pastry-cook, consider next rules:

  • before making an order, taste every element of a cake (all layers and decorations);
  • calculate the weight. An average serving piece should be 150 g. Better to order more than leave somebody without a piece;
  • if you have planned a square meal, order a light cake on “yogurt” basis;
  • better to order eatable decorations;
  • it is dangerous to transfer a cake with weight over 5kg. yourself. Better to order a special delivery.

Капкейки в Одессе

Cupcakes, muffins, cakes


Cupcakes, muffins in Odessa are cakes, which are baked in the special shape and decorate with cream ...

Cake for Kids


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Wedding cakes in Odessa


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Эксклюзивные десерты в Одессе

Exclusive desserts


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фруктовый букет одесса

Fruit Bouquets


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шоколадный фонтан в Одессе, заказать необычные подарок в Одессе, подарки в Одессе, сладкие фонтаны в Одессе, фруктовые букеты в Одессе

Chocolate fountain


Chocolate fountain in Odessa – is a beautiful decoration and also the tasty dessert. (more…)...

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