Venue Design

Organizing holiday decorations in Odessa

Correct venue decorations give a feeling of a holiday. There is no celebration without decoration phase in organization (venue decoration, furniture, exterior decoration).

     Our company offers decoration services for any event, in particular:

-balloon decoration;

-flower decoration;

-flower decoration of a wedding arch;

-interior decoration in accordance with your desire.

     We can create a festive atmosphere very fast and in high standards. We are among the leading event decor companies of Odessa.

фигуры из шаров 1

Balloons of different shape


    Balloons of different shape in Odessa can surprise your close on Birthday, Wedding day and Child...

цветы 9

Natural Flower Decoration


Natural Flower Decoration Flowers are delicacy and elegance. Beautiful flowers can become a decorat...

Декоративные изделия из пенопласта

Decorative figures from foam plastic


  Decorative figures from foam plastic in Odessa - is a vivid figure, which will nicely comple...

candy bar 10

Candy bar


Candy Bar Candy bar in Odessa is a service for organizing a sweet table. You can order such a desse...

декор зала на свадьбу Одесса 6

Decorations for the wedding in Odessa


Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable and the photos - bright and original. To create mem...

Оформление новогодних праздников Одесса

(Russian) Оформление новогодних праздников Одесса


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian....

Оформление зала на новый год Одесса

(Russian) Оформление зала на новый год Одесса


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian....

Фотозоны из картона

Cardboard Photozones


Cardboard Photozones The photo zone is a decoration for photo shoots. They are made in a variety of...

Romantic decor


Service "Romantic decor" in Odessa will create the necessary atmosphere of your event. (more&helli...

Badges, key chains, certificates, medals and prizes


 Badges, key chains, certificates, medals, prizes in Odessa - is the exclusive products of metal, wh...

Фотозона из картона - 2

The cardboard photozone


The photozone from a cardboard in Odessa is the decorated corner where it is possible to make unforg...




We bring to your attention a novelty in decoration of rooms and locations, which quickly broke into ...

гелиевые шары

Helium Balloons


    Helium balloons in Odessa are the best for decoration and creation of the festive. (more…...

свадебная флористика 18

Wedding floristics


Wedding floristics in Odessa is a production of wedding accessories made of flowers. It could be use...

арка из шаров одесса

Arch of balloons


     Arch of balloons in Odessa decorates your event and add festivity. (more…)...

- 20 %столбики для красной дорожки

Rent the fence posts


Apply for your festive procession with the royal sweep! (more…)...

шатер на мероприятие 4



Tent on your event are not only a pretty decoration it is also a guaranteed protection from hot sun ...

надписи и цифры из надувных шариков 12

Balloon Numerals and Letters


     Balloon Numerals and Letters in Odessa perfectly complement the event. The service is suitable ...



     Balloon-surprise in Odessa represents a big balloon, that contains a large number of small ball...

свадебное украшение авто

Wedding decor of cars


If you want to give a festive look to your wedding car, we offer you the service Wedding decor of ca...

деревянные изделия Одесса

Wood figures


     Wood figures in Odessa is an original way to decorate a room for any occasion - wedding, corpor...

Воздушно-пузырьковый декор

Bubble decor


Bubble decor in Odessa will create an unusual atmosphere at the place of your event. (more…)...

фруктовый букет одесса

Fruit Bouquets


Fruit bouquet in Odessa is not only beautiful and unique decoration, it is also delicious and health...

Fountain at the children’s party


Fountain for children's party The children's fountain in Odessa is a beautiful decoration for an ev...

Фонтан из шампанского

Fountain of Champagne


Fountain of Champagne Fountain of champagne in Odessa will beautifully and exquisitely decorate you...

Фигуры изо льда, Одесса

Ice sculptures


Ice sculptures in Odessa is an unusual decoration for a variety of events - presentations, corporate...

столбики ограждения

Red carpet


     The red carpet in Odessa suits perfectly to the grand opening of new venues and theme parties. ...

шоколадный фонтан в Одессе, заказать необычные подарок в Одессе, подарки в Одессе, сладкие фонтаны в Одессе, фруктовые букеты в Одессе

Chocolate fountain


Chocolate fountain in Odessa – is a beautiful decoration and also the tasty dessert. (more…)...

Живой стол

“Alive” table


A lively table in Odessa or a Lady Buffet in Odessa is an unusual and original service for decoratin...

Стиль хиппи Одесса

Hippie-style photozone


Photo area "Hippies" - will decorate your holiday, where guests can make beautiful photos and leave ...

Press wall


You can order press wall in Odessa for any event - corporate party, wedding, birthday, presentation,...

Cвaдeбнaя apкa/шaтep 7

Wedding arch/tent


Wedding arch/tent in Odessa is a beautiful decoration for your wedding ceremony. You can order any d...

шатер, выездной праздник, праздник на природе

Tent 5×8 meters


Tent on your event are not only a pretty decoration it is also a guaranteed protection from hot sun ...

пластилиновые фигурки Одесса, фигурки из пластиилина Одесса, украшения из пластилина в Одессе

Clay animation


Clay animation in Odessa Clay animation in Odessa - a service that will decorate your event and imp...

выездная роспись под ключ 14

Outdoor wedding ceremony (turnkey)


Outdoor wedding ceremony (turnkey) in Odessa is an opportunity to organize your wedding in the open ...

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