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    We are sure, in case you are arranging an event, you want it be impossible to forget. Impress your guests with celebration on a yacht board.

     The main difference is a spectacular view outside and the sound of the sea.

     You can celebrate any event you want on board: wedding, birthday/corporate/children’s party, and organize a romantic date.

     The main components of an event will be transferred on the board: banquet, show program, host, entertainment, fireworks, photo/videographers.

There are three types of yachts:

  • motor – ideal for water sports and fishing;
  • Sailing – good for walks and quiet cruises;
  • motor-sailing – a good option for any type of sea travel.

     The cost of yacht charter includes – rent a yacht, yacht insurance and payment of the crew. Taxes and VAT are to be calculated separately.

     When renting a boat of any type, all the rights and obligations of the parties are agreed in the charter agreement.

     Together, let us look at the basic terms of the lease yachts in Odessa.

Terms of chartering yachts:

  • Specify the minimum duration of the charter;
  • Prepayment is made at a rate of 50%, the remainder of the need to make at least 4 working days prior to the voyage;
  • To land passengers on board the need for 20 minutes before sending .
  • During the cruise wear shoes acceptable for yachts.
  • Spilled red wine and suntan oil will not be easy to deduce.

     Celebration at the sea is beautiful and impossible to forget! Entrust the organization to us and we will take care of everything for you to be pleased.

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