What does it cost us to build a house?

праздник на корпоратив

To build a house is not to cross a field, everyone knows this very well. Your hardening and profession have prestige, worthy of respect from all citizens!

Every year on the second Sunday of August, representatives of such an honorable profession as builder celebrate their professional holiday!
A corporate event for the EKSTE company was held in a chic restaurant on the seashore, dedicated to the celebration of Builder's Day. The event was hosted and congratulated by a wonderful presenter. He organized an entertainment program with competitions and quizzes to ensure that the event was held in a humorous and fun atmosphere.

A projector with a screen was also installed in the hall, on which a video greeting for employees from the company’s management was shown. Guests danced to fiery musical rhythms from a talented DJ. The whole evening, everything that happened was captured as a memory by a wonderful photographer. All the most important moments and the most sincere emotions were captured through his lens. He managed to convey the entire festive atmosphere of the evening with the help of photos.

We are pleased to congratulate the EKSTE construction company on their professional day, and thank them for their trust in organizing the holiday.

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