Decorative figures from foam plastic

Декоративные изделия из пенопласта
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support


    Decorative figures from foam plastic in Odessa - is a vivid figure, which will nicely complement your holidayOften some specific symbols necessary for event, becuse they will reflect the essence of the event,  look  great on photos. Under this products description suitable  figures from foam plastic, which thanks to the material from which they are made, allows the master to any shape on your choice.

    Material of the product also makes it mobile, so the figures can be mounted to the ceiling like, and you can put on your favorite table.

    Product forms may be in the form:

    • of people;
    • animals;
    • insects;
    • beverages;
    • food;
    • gift wrapping;
    • clothing;
    • accessories;
    • natural phenomena (rainbow, sun, etc.);
    • letters;
    • characters;
    • fairy-tale characters.

    ..... As you know, this is not all the figures that you can make for your event. The choice is huge especially for children's parties. It can be like a giant ice cream, little squirrel, gingerbread man, huge candy, fairy, butterfly, tree, etc. It all depends on the theme of your event and of the necessary amendments.

    Figured products from foam - a bright accessory, which will emphasize a holiday for children and adults. Regardless of whether it is large or small item he creates an atmosphere of celebration.

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