Birthday only once a year

танцевальная программа

And when they celebrate an anniversary, they celebrate such a day, at most, once every 5 years. That is why this day should be the best, brightest and most memorable. And Sergei's day turned out just like that.

The hall in which the celebration took place was decorated according to the theme of the evening, using specially selected decor. Separate photo zones with flower arrangements and balloon figures were set up.

The beginning of the entertainment program was the performance of a show-ballet performing numbers in different dance styles and thematic performances.

The musical accompaniment of the event was led by a DJ, who perfectly guessed the desires and moods of the guests, making them dance until they drop.

At the end of the evening, the guests became spectators of an unusual neon show. In complete darkness, to the rhythms of music, and with the help of special light effects, dances were performed that fascinate the eye and fill the hall, as if with cosmic energy.

The holiday was coming to its logical conclusion. All those present were pleasantly surprised by the program of the evening and received positive emotions. The holiday was a success!

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