Childrens’ Programs

детские программы одесса
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    We offer the following programs:

    For children 3-6 years old:
    "Robocars Amber and Polly"

    • "The Adventures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse"
    • "Lego Ninjago green"
    • "Pippi Longstocking"
    • "Malvina and Pinocchio"
    • "Rapunzel"
    • "Princess Pocahontas"
    • "Funny clowns Kuzya and Zyuzya"
    • "SpongeBob is the birthday boy's best friend"
    • "Kids and Carlson"
    • "Masha and the Bear"
    • "Dragon visiting the birthday boy"
    • "A fun adventure with Dasha the traveler"
    • "Funny Luntik"
    • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
    • "Snow White and the Dwarf Veselchak"
    • "Znayka and Dunno"
    • "Forest Tale"
    • "Seven-flowered flower"
    • "Fixies: Simka, Nolik, Fire, Verta"
    • "In the kingdom of soap bubbles"
    • "Frozen" (Elsa and Olaf)"
    • "PAW Patrol"
    • "Eastern Tale"
    • "The Adventure of Peppa Pig"
    • "Your guests are Minions"
    • "Superman"
    • "Ball Show"

    For children 6-8 years old:

    • "The Little Mermaid and Neptune"
    • "Alice, the White Queen and the Hatter"
    • "My little pony: Sparkle and Rainbow"
    • "Ded Moroz and Snegurochka"
    • "Winx Fairies: Bloom, Flora, Muse, Stella"
    • "Harry Potter School of Wizardry"
    • "Spider-Man - Superhero"
    • "I'm a cowboy and you're a cowboy!"
    • "Batman"
    • "Monsters High"
    • "Ben Ten"
    • "Around the world in 60 minutes"
    • "Football Champions League"
    • "Hello, we are looking for talents!"
    • "In the kingdom of soap bubbles"
    • "Chemical Show"
    • "Birthday Day"
    • "The Bremen Town Musicians"
    • "Wonders of nature"
    • "Visiting the Apache Indians"
    • "Cold heart"
    • "Aladdin's Magic Lamp"
    • "Your guest is SuperTeleShowMix!"
    • "Pirate Adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow"
    • "Adventures with Indians"
    • "Hipsters"

    For children 8-13 years old:

    • "Harry Potter School of Wizardry"
    • "I'm a cowboy and you're a cowboy"
    • "Around the world in 60 minutes"
    • "Attention! A movie is being filmed!"
    • "Glamour Model Agency"
    • "Hello, we are looking for talents!"
    • "Chemical Show"
    • "Hawaiian Vacation"
    • "Minute to Win"
    • "Auto-party"
    • "Heads and Tails"
    • "The fastest"
    • "Sherlock Holmes"
    • "Smart Guys"
    • "Music project - Disco Club"
    • "Air Darts Tournament"
    • "All kinds of quests"
    • "Adventures with Indians"
    • "Hipsters"

    We remind you that you can see the full list of children's programs in Odessa >here<

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