Thematic parties for children in Odessa

детская тематическая вечеринка одесса, детская программа в Одессе
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Thematic children's parties in Odessa - a fresh direction that diversifies your event and makes it original!

    We offer a variety of scenarios for the children's holiday program, which will fill the important events of your life with bright colors! The price of the programme includes the work of animators, rent of the sound equipment, sound engineering work, various props and gifts to the participants. The duration of the programme is on average 1-1.5 hours.

    It is important to understand that there are scenarios for specific events. However, if you want to use the theme of this scenario for another holiday, we are ready to change it for you. This is stipulated in person, according to your wishes and preferences.

    A list of existing scenarios for birthday:

    • "Hawaiian party" (the script for a birthday in the program - a classic of the genre: flower necklace, colorful costumes, non-alcoholic cocktails and dancing.);
    • Masha and the Bear's birthday (the scenario presented in 4 different variations, more information here;
    • "The Little Mermaid" (. Birthday, at what not only for girls guys will be just as interesting to face trials in the underwater world, more information here);
    • "Kitty" (birthday in style online game "Hello Kitty" with the appropriate style and attributes);
    • "Magic School" (birthday with Harry Potter, more information here;
    • "Luntik" (with a lead of other cartoon characters and give a memorable birthday and his friends, more information;
    • "The Vikings" (. Birthday, which will be filled with heroic deeds and hardships Children can immerse themselves in the right atmosphere with the help of akvagrima corresponding props and learn a lot about the Vikings, dragons, weapons, and much more);
    • "Winx" (birthday with this scenario will take place a light, airy, fun and colorful members face different tasks, but their implementation will bring a lot of positive emotions and useful skills.);
    • "Sabbat Baba Yaga" (to ml. School birthday party can be a reason some fun, relax and thoroughly enjoy themselves in the company of good friends).

    Offers for school graduation and holidays:

    • "TNT exhaust" (4 th grade) Graduates will be able to feel like a TV star and to participate in the well-known television programs;
    • "" (graduation for 4 classes in the style of Internet culture During the program, children create their own site, faced with a variety of tasks.);
      scenario "Autumn Ball" approach on the eve of the autumn holidays;

    New Year's programmes:

    • "Soul Plane New Year" (the program is presented in different variations, for all age categories of children Details here.)
    • "Appartment" (call Santa Claus on the house) more information in this section;

    Thematic celebrations:

    • "On June 1" (the script to the Children's Day are two options of: outdoors and indoors The program includes outdoor games, unusual contests, relay races interesting..);
    • "Powerful Game" (suitable for the celebration of the Fatherland Defender's Day Even the smallest feel real men.!);
    • Scenario "Halloween" - with disguises, relay races and mystical atmosphere;
    • "Mardi Gras" - acquaintance with the traditions and interesting workshops, delicious gifts and thrills;
    • "Holiday-hooligan" (scenario for April 1, includes a lot of jokes and funny situations, more information here);
    • "Easter kulichiki" (the program includes acquaintance with traditions and a variety of master classes);

    Other different scenarios:

    • performances: "Tooth Fairy" and "Kytsyk-Mytsyk" - a holistic interactive performances that involve professional artists;
    • "Cat's party" is more suitable for girls' mobility and activity holiday;
    • Different scenarios for Chemical shows more about them in this section.

         The cost of the programme depends on the number of people on your holiday.

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