Cake for Kids

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         A cake for kids in Odessa made by the personal order with different toys and decorations in it.

         Toys to be paid separately and their price can vary depending on the complicacy.

         Cake filling:

    Cake "Napoleon chocolate"

    Ingredients: coffee cakes, custard cream, chocolate, candy Bailey.

    Cake "Napoleon classic"

    Ingredients: homemade cakes, cream custard.

    Cake "Fruit"

    Ingredients: white cake, fruit of your choice (banana, kiwi, peach), cream creamy custard (French).

     Cake "Cheese Cake"

    Ingredients: cracker base, cream, cheese BUKO, currant jelly.

    Cake "Honey Pie"

    Ingredients: honey cakes, banana or prune to choose sour cream.

    Cake "Tiramisu"

    Ingredients: cream, mascarpone cheese, Baileys, Kahlua, coffee, sticks Bush.

    Cake "Cherry Boom"

    Ingredients: coffee cake, cream, sour cream and cream, cherry and chocolate.

    Cake, "Jean-Jacques"

    Ingredients: hazelnut sponge cake, cream matt, toffee, cream and meringue.

     Cake "Raffaello"

    Ingredients: puff cakes, nuts, condensed milk, coconut flakes.

    Cake "Ferrero"

    Ingredients: puff cakes, nuts, boiled condensed milk, chocolate.

    Cake "Crocco bush"

    Ingredients: 40 pcs profiteroles, cream custard, cream, Kahlua

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