Wild Odessa Catacombs

катакомбы, экскурсия, одесса
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    Odessa catacombs - a network of underground tunnels and labyrinths under Odessa. Currently the length of Odessa catacombs is estimated at approximately 2.5 thousand km.

    Odessa catacombs recognized object of cultural heritage of the city of Odessa. You can see with your own eyes are places that do not show an ordinary tour. The tour will allow you to plunge into a mysterious underground world, with its mysteries.

    Your journey will take place under the guidance of an experienced guide. He will spend an exciting and unforgettable tour, tell interesting facts from the history of the catacombs. You will be in complete isolation from modern civilization, walk through the fantastic maze of dungeons, meet in the way of old quarries, wells, guerrilla parking, gallery and the cave and see the pictures on the walls of the miners.

    Perhaps organize sport orienteering. Those wishing to participate is given a certain area of the catacombs and map. Other participants of the tours go down the route with a guide. To be specified meeting place of the two groups.

    Depending on the wishes of a particular group may undertake a tour of high complexity, with a visit to the caves, narrow and collapses. You can pass more relaxed route with the story about the passing geological attractions.

    Also in the catacombs you can organize:

    • Theme parties;
    • dating;
    • non-standard conference;
    • quest;
    • laser tag;
    • teambuilding.

    Need a convenient and old clothes.

    The timing of the tour 1.5 hours.

    Optional: available on request tours lasting 7-8 hours, with an overnight stay, with many hours of underground passages, with gidrosnaryazheniya.


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