Dynamic drummer show

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    Dynamic drummer show

    The project has no analogues in Ukraine! A unique dynamic show that includes many styles, genres and trends. This is a group of talented professional musicians! Their show is a bright visualization, powerful sound, dynamic movements! They are people of rhythm!

    The project was created in 2004. During this time, the guys participated in a variety of events of different formats and scales.

    The group took part in a variety of events: master classes and trainings, opening of stadiums, music accompaniment of broadcasts of world boxing and mix-fight matches, live broadcasts of leading TV channels (1+1, Ukraine, STB, etc.), exhibitions, music festivals, advertising campaigns, launch of many large companies, advertising of world brands, birthdays, corporate parties, fashion shows, promotions, weddings, conferences and other event programs.

    In 2017, the project was supported by the official fan zones of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

    The show serves as both a background and a bright creative number for events.

    Opportunities and creative directions of the show

    • playing traditional drum sets
    • playing ethno-drums in african, cuban, brazilian, caribbean and ukrainian styles
    • playing on the iron barrels
    • Drum-PJ, Fire-Show, Laser-Show, numbers with show ballets
    • drum team building
    • interactive show
    • master classes
    • grand opening
    • meeting with guests

    Show # 1

    2 drummers playing drums

    Fee: 20 000 UAH

    Program: 45 minutes (3 blocks)

    Household and technical rider is charged separately.

    Show # 2

    5 drummers, playing on iron barrels, the effect of water

    Special image of drummers (body retouching)

    INTRO for any concert format !!

    Fee: 35,000 hryvnia + technical rider

    Program: 30 minutes (2 blocks)

    Household and technical rider is charged separately.

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