Drive cover band from Kiev

Драйвовая кавер группа 2
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Drive cover band from Kiev

    The group began its existence in 2004. The band members have extensive experience of performing at top concert venues in Ukraine and abroad. The group successfully toured the cities of Ukraine, Belarus, France, Kazakhstan, Russia, took part in music festivals "NewWave", "Eurovision" and "Golos Krainy".

    The group reached the finals of the National Selection Round of the New Wave Competition 2011, and the National Selection Round of Eurovision 2012, the soloists of the group are participants of the projects Voice of the Country and Speak Yak Zirka.

    In the repertoire of the band are hundreds of favorite hits of foreign and domestic variety in modern dance interpretation in the style of eurodance, disco, pop or lounge.

    The group has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner for the leading event and wedding agencies of Ukraine.

    Composition of the group

    • Anton - vocals
    • Katerina - vocals
    • Alexander - drums
    • Vadim - bass guitar
    • Igor - DJ, digital effects

    Cost: 2 blocks of 45 minutes - 56000 UAH.

    Separately paid transfer, household and those. riders.

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