Festive missione: colloquium cum substitutionem

подставное интервью
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Each holiday is unique. One of the funniest moments, which the experts event agencies "Tumult" offers a variety of wedding or a traditional corporate, is to conduct an interview with the substitution, which is also called the interview-shifters.

    The idea of an interview with substitution is that the first of the guests is taken interviews with ordinary matters, which after installation are replaced by comic

    For example:

    This interview:

    Q: What cities have you been?

    Answer: Moscow, Yalta, Kharkov.

    When mounting the issue, replace:

    Everyone knows that you are a well-known Don Juan. Do you have any mistresses in other cities and, if so, to what?

    A leave without changes.

    Interview Questions-shifters are made up by professional journalists and represent a small script. This is a very fun game that is suitable for both individual celebration (birthday, anniversary), or for a wedding or corporate entertainment.

    Dummy questions drawn up taking into account the present guests and celebration theme. Such entertainment permanently memorized and leaves a lot of positives.


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