Hawaiian party

гавайская вечеринка для детей в Одессе, гавайский праздник для детей
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Party in Hawaiian style at a children's party is a real extravaganza of bright colors and melodies, heard that so hard to stand still! Hot rhythms, genuine Hawaiian dancing till you drop and the sunny mood of course - this is the holiday, which is so lacking in the cold of winter or autumn slush!

    Together with the charming leading the children are transferred to the most famous island of fun and summer fun !, turning to curious tourists, fearless surfers and absolutely indefatigable dancers.

    Having been once in our Hawaii you will want to return again. Fantastic charge irrepressible dance energy, the atmosphere of joy and friendship augmented by interesting competitions, quizzes and cunning comic contests Thinking long be remembered by your guests, and the main hero of the occasion.

    Hawaiian party in Odessa - a great choice for lyubieley and craftsmen dance spare no legs!

    The price Hawaiian party program included:

    • work 2 animators;
    • incidental music;
    • equipment delivery;
    • artists travel;
    • props.

    Worth your attention just for Junior Bartender shows and Akvagrim.

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