Spanish guitar

Гитарист Фламенко Одесса
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    Musician Roman from Odessa is a professional guitarist. Performs fiery Spanish compositions in the Flamenco style.

    Flamenco is an art, an explosive combination of passion, dance and guitar beat. It is an integral part of the vibrant Spanish culture. There is no doubt that it is the guitar that becomes the main musical instrument, because the gypsies have always played it so skillfully. The long red skirt and choreography are the perfect setting for the guitar melody.

    Passion and drama

    Roman is a laureate of international festivals and competitions. Professional guitarist and virtuoso. His repertoire includes traditional and modern flamenco melodies. Such a performance will be an extravagant addition to your holiday. Guests will take a dip and enjoy the passion and drama of Spanish culture.

    • 2 sets - 2200 UAH

    Duration of the set is 45 minutes.

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