Cafe on Tairovo

Кафе на Таирово, Одесса
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Cafe on Tairovo in Odessa offers visitors to taste dishes of Uzbek and European cuisine as well as dishes prepared on the grill.

The location accommodates about 55 people. Hall is equipped with condition. There is a bar, television.

Cafe is suitable for banquets, weddings, birthdays and other events.

There is a karaoke in the cafe. There is a large selection of different songs.

It is possible to connect the audio equipment for concert event.

Cozy atmosphere and qualified chef - that's the main advantages of this cafe.

Open hours - from 10 am to 12 pm.

The cafe is located in the Kiev district of Odessa.

There is a free parking on the location. The cafe offers free Wi-Fi.

In the restaurant's menu prices are moderate.

The price of the banquet menu for one person - 200 UAH, excluding alcohol.

You can bring your own alcoholic beverages if you will discuss this in advance.


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