Музыканты в Одессе
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Cover-band will decorate your event with a musical mood.

    The team has been working for more than 10 years and has a wide experience of work on the sites of Ukraine, Europe and Asia. The musicians took part in various projects and became laureates of many international and all-Ukrainian musical competitions.

    The group consists of 6 professional musicians who have a diverse repertoire of performances. Thanks to this musicians are well suited for any events of different age audience.

    The team is the second vocalist, so the musical performance sounds brighter and more diverse.

    Group members:

    • Drums
    • Keys
    • Electric guitar
    • Bas-guitar
    • 2 vocalists

    Duration of exposure is 90 minutes. In due course from the buyer's wishes, you can split the performance into 2 blocks of 45 minutes or 3 blocks of 30 minut.

    Technical and household riders are paid separately.



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