Meeting Facilities

Зал для конференции
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Rental of conference rooms in Odessa can help you with accommodation and all sorts of activities, such as workshops, seminars, presentations, business meetings.

    Facilities designed for conducting training activities as wel as a creative design that makes them more comfortable. Located in the city center - close to Deribasovskaya and seaport.

    The premises are equipped with a ventilation system with climate control. More comfort adds the presence of soft sofas, as well having a kitchen where there is often held coffee breaks or buffets.

    The premises include

    • 4 small rooms, with a capacity of 35-50 people
    • 2 large rooms, with a capacity of 90 - 120 people
    • Meeting room, with a capacity of 6 people.

    If necessary, the halls can be combined.


    • 200 UAH / hour - meeting room
    • from 350 UAH / hour to 700 UAH / hour depending on the selected hall
    • 1200 UAH / hour - all the space of the third floor (250 people)

    The rental price includes: audio and video equipment, microphones, flipcharts, internet browsing over Wi-Fi.

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