Equestrian club “Stetson”

Конный клуб Стетсон 9
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    The first in Odessa equestrian club

    Equestrian club located in the oasis of the park zone of the city of Odesa, away from the rest and the bushes. Here they honor the great age-old traditions and combine them with the comfort of modernity.

    Increasingly, they are taking advantage of horseback riding and are becoming one of the most popular forms of active recreation. Equestrian sport is gaining momentum, and you have the opportunity to test yourself as a rider.

    Horseback riding is unusual, useful and unforgettable. Who would not like to communicate with an intelligent and kind animal? You can enjoy the time spent in the club with your friends, colleagues or children.

    Club services are available for both experienced riders and beginners, who first sit in the saddle, because these horses are kind, calm, obedient, and well-traveled. Qualified instructors accompany horse riding, training, photo shoots, help to master the science of communication with the horse, observing the safety regulations.

    Also on the territory of the Club is a cozy wooden restaurant, which is often used for celebrations. Skilled chefs will delight you with excellent dishes of meat and vegetables cooked on a professional grill.

    On the territory of the club often held photo sessions with horses.

    And it is not surprising, horses make unforgettable time spent with them!

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