Corporate housing and communal services “Vuzovsky”

организация тематических вечеринок одесса

12/26/2013 Employees of Housing and Communal Services "Vuzovsky" with our help held a corporate event on the theme "American gangsters and the Italian mafia".

The celebration took place within the walls of the "Elwood" entertainment complex. The themed party was hosted by the presenter Vladimir, and was assisted by a DJ with a set of equipment. To decorate the hall and create the necessary entourage, we rented decorations from the Odessa Film Studio. At the entrance to the hall, a boy in the form of distributing leaflets to all the guests, which were written by a professional screenwriter in accordance with the wishes of the clients.

To capture the whole action, we invited a photographer who worked like in a photo zone with a specially branded banner and height meter.

A pleasant surprise for the guests turned out to be ready-made photos, which the host handed them at the end of the event.


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