Christening of baby Alexander

организация программы на крестины

For all people, christening is a very important event in life, because this second birth of a person is spiritual.

On a sunny autumn day, the sacrament of the christening of baby Alexander took place. Now he has a Guardian Angel who will guard this little man for the rest of his life. Our agency helped to make this day even more memorable.

The baby's parents decided to celebrate this day with the closest and dearest people. To meet the guests, a turquoise candy bar was organized, with photos of Alexander and symbols of the christening holiday.

The event was hosted by the wonderful host Ekaterina. The program was filled with interesting facts from the life of Alexander and his parents, the quiz "Who knows Sasha better?" The guests were maximally involved in what was happening, thanks to the interactions with the guests.

At the end of the evening, Alexander was awarded with our signature diploma "Godson of the Year". We wish the baby to grow up strong and healthy, be happy and delight his parents.

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