Криокухня в Одессе
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    Under the interesting name of Cryo-Kitchen, there is an exciting chemical show in which all the experiments can be eaten later.

    Most often, this chemical show is taken for our younger viewers, but the cryo-kitchen will also be interesting for adult guests. This show is well suited for children's parties, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. After all, here you can not just participate in the experiment, but also to taste its result.

    Cryo-cuisine is an interactive show in which the professor of experimental sciences creates boiling cocktails and various goodies with you. The basis of their preparation is liquid nitrogen, the temperature of which is -196 ° C and dry ice with a temperature of -78 ° C. That is why the program is not only spectacular, but also very tasty.

    Many of our guests ask questions about the security of this show ... we can assure you that this is completely harmless. The fact is that liquid nitrogen kills almost all bacteria, and in medicine it is even used to prolong life.

    Your eyes will create your favorite treats using cryogenic technology and interesting experiments.

    The program includes:

    • Ice cream
    • Cocktails
    • Corn sticks
    • Fun scientific experiences

    Cryo-kitchen can be supplemented with Science Show or Molecular Kitchen. Such programs in combination look harmonious and fascinating.

    Experiment with us in the cryo-kitchen, because it is beautiful, safe and tasty.

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