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Escape room Odessa
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Escape room Odessa - completely new type of leisure activities for small groups of people. Your team has only 60 minutes minutes to find the clues, solve puzzles and have time to leave the room!

    Exciting entertainment for friends who are willing to spend your holidays, immersed in a unique world theme of the game, revealing the secrets of the room by solving immersive puzzles. Only 60 minutes you have to unravel them and get out of the room.

    This kind of entertainment is relatively recent browser-based games, and almost immediately gained popularity and their fans, after spending time with friends can be by checking their wits in a need to resort to all my attention and logic.

    Victory will be credited to you subject to the successful implementation of all tasks, to be sure. One of the conditions - not to use mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. Play fair!

    A great option to improve the corporate team spirit and coherence checking your colleagues. Almost every object found you can be useful to get out of the room at the time.

    Be careful, think over possible moves in advance, because the responsibility for the solution of the problem will be on the whole team. You are waiting for a large number of themed rooms to choose from with different levels of tasks:

    • Using a time machine, open a time portal
    • You get into a wonderland, where once there was Alice
    • Discover all the secrets of Pripyat
    • You will unlock the secrets of Odessa smugglers
    • try to steal 50 cars, of course, if all goes according to plan
    • clever illusion created to hide the truth in the quest Matrix.

    And that's not all the possible stories, where you will be. Be sure you and your team will enjoy and experience a lot of unforgettable emotions.

    Note: Players under 12 years old (in some games up to 14 years) may play only when accompanied by adults. The number of participants from 2 to 4 players.

    The cost, depending on the day of the week, time and the selected games from 400 to 600 UAH.

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