Master class on creating snow balls.

Мастер класс по созданию волшебных шаров в Одессе
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    A master class on creating snow balls in Odessa is a unique artistic experience for your children. How endless children's imagination is, the glass-framed compositions made by the hands of young creators are so endlessly diverse.

    Under the guidance of an experienced craftsman, even the smallest craftsmen will be able to create unusual masterpieces of applied art from the materials provided - figures, ribbons, sparkles, and of course the glass ball itself. The leading master class will help to make a bright and unique ball that reflects the personality of the baby.

    Such an activity will allow you to master an interesting skill, find an extraordinary hobby, learn how to make creative gifts with your own hands, and also reveal your artistic potential, because a snow globe is not just a glass with snow filling, but also a symbolic composition that can fit your favorite characters, magnificent landscapes, fancy houses, fabulous little animals, and sometimes even entire cities.

    Having visited this unusual master class, the child receives a handmade souvenir, many unforgettable impressions and a new useful skill.

    The master class is held for companies from 10 people. The duration of the master class is 40-60 minutes.

    The cost of an individual master class is negotiated separately.

    The price varies depending on the complexity of manufacture.

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